We’ve been receiving our fair share of remixes. We estimate that 20% to 25% of the submissions we receive are remixes. Now, we don’t want to be solely focused on remixes because we still prefer original material. We also want to retain our focus on smaller, independent artists. So with these things in mind, we bring to you Rendition.

Every Friday, we’ll post two or three remixes that caught our fancy. The producers and DJs could be lesser-known or really popular. The key, though, is that the songs they’re remixing must be from smaller, lesser-known artists. So in other words, we won’t be posting remixes of songs by Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, The Black Keys, etc.

In addition to the remix, we’ll share with you the original track (if it’s available) for you to compare. We hope you enjoy this feature. So with that, for the inaugural Remixology, we have remixes from Lakechild and Feki.


Lakechild – “Harlot” (original by Misun)

A great remix doesn’t need to completely deconstruct a song and make it unrecognizable from its original. Instead, simply augmenting its greatness with well-timed beats and synths to give the track more of a club and dance quality are all that’s needed. Berlin duo Lakechild – who are Dominik and Nicolas – have done this with their remix of “Harlot” by Misun, whose debut LP, Superstitions, was one of our 50 favorite albums of 2014.

The original song already had a groovy dance vibe to it, but Lakechild have taken it up another notch. The addition of electronic beats at the onset provides an extra layer of bass while the playful looping of frontwoman Misun Wojcik’s voice creates a trippy feel. Taken together with the awesomeness of the original sound, Lakechild have turned “Harlot” into a delirious, party song. If Misun’s version didn’t get you up on your feet, Lakechild’s will.

This remix is being released through Tanz Dich Glücklich, and it’s available as a free download here.

Lakechild – Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Misun Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



Feki – “Landed on Mars” (original by Atlas Bound)

Not all remixes are intended to make a song more for the club scene or turned into a rousing, house track. Remixes can also turn a lush single and make it even more breathtaking and lush. In the spring, Sydney duo Atlas Bound released an awesome, spatial song, “Landed on Mars”. It was practically flawless. But Brisbane-based producer, Feki, has literally and figuratively taken the song to new heights. With keys, synths, and electronic arrangements akin to those used by Toro y Moi, Tycho, and M83, Feki has turned “Landed on Mars” into a truly captivating, interstellar track, giving the feeling that we are indeed on the way to Mars.

The remix is available on Next Wave Records, a little label based out of Hollywood, California.

FekiFacebook | Twitter | Instagram

Atlas Bound – Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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