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Travel with Chicago’s Yawn on their “Day Trip” EP


Last month, we caught wind of Yawn‘s new single “Day Trip”, which we described as an oft-kilter, pick-me-up song. The song offered a glimpse into the indie-rock band’s sound and what was to be expected on their new EP – something warm, uptempo, and bright. What we didn’t expect was that the album would be much more far-ranging and not just solely a pop album. Instead, through it’s five tracks, Yawn take us on an exciting adventure on Day Trip.

It begins with “Overflow”, which brims with a West Coast, pop flair. Aided by a bit of shoegaze and some great harmonies, the song is highly infectious and danceable. It’s one of those songs you want to play in the morning to get the heart racing and the body moving. The title track follows, and, as mentioned, it’s a summery track once again highlighted by the band’s great harmonies and a sound that has a bit of a carnival feel.

“Only Way” is the star of the EP and perfectly placed in the middle of the EP. Starting off with an Indian-influenced hum, the song moves into the psychedelic-pop realm. It’s a dizzying, fabulous track that takes the spiraling effect that Tame Impala has perfected and George Harrison’s worldly sonics.

“Tumbleweed is similar to “Overflow” in that it’s another danceable pop tune. With a great melody and a looping chorus, the track is infectious, fun, and a delight. The closing track, “Night Vision”, stands out from the rest of the album in that it’s a shimmering, psychedelic tune. The pace is slowed down and a hazy effect is created with the delayed guitar sound and echoing keys. It’s nostalgic in its sound, sending us back to the ’60s and ’70s much like what UK’s Childhood did last year on their awesome debut album Lacuna. Breathtaking brilliance!

Yawn’s Day Trip EP is terrific. It’s an album that could be played at anytime and anywhere, especially to be added to any playlist for a long road tip. Discover this band before the rest of the world does.

Yawn are Adam, Daniel, Jorge, and Sam. Day Trip EP is out now via Old Flame Records. Get the album at the label’s store (cassette version), iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic.

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