Today’s Twitter Tuesday band is Face Value, a Baltimore based pop punk band who is proving that pop punk is not dead (We are referencing an article that claimed this here). They have just recently released an LP titled Growing Up Young.

The album is reminiscent of many of the pop punk 90s bands that I ended up spinning during my youth. Although I am no longer one that gravitates towards this type of sound, it is nostalgic and reminds me of growing up. Their nine track album could have easily been included in my pop punk rotation if Face Value would have been around in the 90s.

The 9 track album speaks of breakups, and all the struggles that the younger generation are privy to these days. Face Value is comprised of Alec Myers, Parker Ross, Jeremiah Douglas and Grayson Ross. Most of the songs are driven with fast paced guitars and a multitude of rapid fire drums. They also show a softer side with the track “Ruminate” which is a song about loss – loss of a relationship or possibly about death. “Car Door” and “Stability” are probably the two best tracks on the album which reminds of songs by those early 90s pop punk bands I dug like Lit or New Found Glory.

Face Value has improved their sound and this effort is much more evolved than their previous three track EP, Hung Up. For all of you pop-punk lovers out there, Face Value is worth checking out. You can purchase their new album over on bandcamp.

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