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Rendition – Remixes by Golden Coast, Lucian, and BECOME


Rendition returns, this time with three remixes – two of them from artists that we’ve written about in the past and a newcomer, for us anyway. We’ve included the original single for you to compare the two.


Golden Coast remixes Ofelia K’s “White T-Shirt”

We featured Ofelia K‘s breakout hit “White T-Shirt” in early July. The airy, indie-pop song featured Ofelia’s soft and dainty vocals. On the remix by Los Angeles-based indie-pop duo and producers, Golden Coast, the tempo is picked up ever so slightly and additional beats and loops are added. The twosome, however, haven’t taken away the two most important components on the song – Ofelia’s voice and the endearing melody.

Golden Coast are Denny White and Steven Mudd.

Ofelia KWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Golden CoastWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Lucian remixes Nola Wren’s “College”

We’ve featured New York City producer Lucian in the past, as he’s been known to collaborate with female singer-songwriters on original songs. However, he’s also established a name for himself for his excellent remixes. But how do you take an electro-pop song and remix something already dialed up with electronic beats and an uptempo pace like Nola Wren‘s “College”? Add more? Sure, that would be the easy answer. Lucian, though, takes the opposite approach.

Whereas the original had an edge to match Wren’s questioning about the purpose of higher education (high debt, low-paying jobs), Lucian transforms the track into a downtempo, sultry number. He achieves this by dialing down the beats and stripping the song way back to make it almost a minimalist number. It’s the kind of track you would hear in the deep bellies of Berlin. Just goes to show you can completely something new by deconstructing a song.

Nola WrenWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

LucianFacebook | Twitter | Instagram


The collective known as BECOME remixes NoMBe’s “Miss Mirage”

While Noah McBeth – a.k.a. NoMBe – has been performing for years, it’s only been in the past year where his star has started to shine more brightly. His combination of soul, R&B, and electro-pop is creative and inventive, where his approach is a cross between Toro y Moi and Kele Okereke (the frontman of Bloc Party).

Los Angeles collective BECOME have taken the German singer-songwriter’s latest single, “Miss Mirage”, and turned it from a soulful track to a groovy, club-oriented track. In addition to adding synths and beats and repeating NoMBe’s voice, the group looped in the chorus of Pharcyde’s “Passing Me By” to provide another texture and basically using Pharcyde’s voice as the bridge. Look out for this collective because everything they’ve done so far has been pretty terrific, such as their collaboration with XYLO on “Between the Devil & The Deep Blue Sea”.

NoMBeWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

BECOMEWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Ofelia K - Golden Coast - White T-Shirt Lucian - Nola Wren - College BECOME - NomBe - Miss Mirage

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