directed by Cameron Labine

opens Sept. 4th

Don’t eat the pot cookies man. That’s the lesson here.

Of course “here” is Revelstoke, land of mountains, trees, snow and endangering wildlife. The Canadian dream can turn on a fancy-shipped dime in a hurry, especially when life-long brothers (same mother, it’s true) Cooper and Toph have themselves an outdoorsy adventure. A snow road movie, “Mountain Men” cranks up an inevitable sibling rivalry, unearths some deep rooted family fuck ups, and provides some excellent wilderness first aid tips. How Canadian.

This Hinterland Who’s Who gone awry gives pretty boy Chace Crawford (big city slick Coop) and engagingly portly Tyler Labine (small town struggler Toph) plenty of hilarious challenges, any apprehensive camper can truly appreciate. When the lighthearted bromrom morphs into an adventure epic, the transition is seamless, and totally believable. Canadians are hosers, but we can make fires!

The on screen brother chemistry is bang on, with the gregarious Labine stealing the show. Serious undertones (family strife, small town stigma, jealousy, life priorities) abound, but do not derail the strength of the film, which lies in the bond, good and bad, of the leads.




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