directed by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkins

starts September 4th,

ByTowne Cinema, 325 Rideau Street

Look, Billy Connolly’s in it, and he’s always great, so go see the damn thing.

More? Damn. Ok, but you asked for it. If there’s room for one more heart-tugging, sappy, tear-jerking, feel-good movie before summer officially runs out, then let it be this. It warms the insides.

Off to Scotland we go, for a final birthday party, and let’s just pretend everything is hunky dory. The contrived and convoluted family plot sees stumbling parents acting like kids, kids acting very mature, all centered around celebrating a dying grandpa who’s living life to the very last second. Hanky please.

Though this plays out like an overlong sitcom, brimming with silly, and sometimes tired gags (where’s the laugh track?), “What We Did On Our Holiday” has enough charm to carry the weight. Connolly carries the show as the wise yet allecky grandpa who finds unbridled joy through his three youngest, and very precocious grandkids. It’s all very grand. There’s a couple of clever life lesson moments from Connolly (who in real life is suffering with Parkinson’s) to go along with all the fun. Seems Disney doesn’t have the patent on goofy, morality tales. Who knew?


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