directed by Craig Zobel

september 4 – 10th

The Mayfair Theatre, 1074 Bank Street

Act locally, think globally; especially post apocalypse. Margot Robbie is the last supermodel, er God-fearing farmer on earth, wiling the lonely days away in what is probably the last unscorched valley, until the men invasion. One by one, two dudes stumble to town and shake things up. There’s race, jealousy, survival, religion, science, guns and booze: a perfect movie cocktail.

Loosely based on Robert C. O’Brien’s seventies sci-fi classic, “Z For Zachariah” takes the book’s couple premise and turns it into Three’s Company, without the sexist yucks. Robbie plays the deeply religious Ann, who loves her church organ, is busy re-seeding the earth, and abstains from the devil’s drink, until a wine bottle appears. Then all bets are off.

What we have here is a good old fashion competition, with a helluva lot at stake. Deep, dark secrets are revealed as the clever plot unfolds. “Z For Zachariah” is one of those rare thrillers, that succeeds by creating tension through mystery, and is a pretty great three person play.

As a bonus for forum junkies: get ready to heatedly discuss the intriguing climax.


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