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The Matinee September 4


Today’s Matinee is the perfect eclectic mix to start most everyone’s Labor Day weekend in the states. We have most artists from the US, one from the UK and one from Ireland. The six track playlist spans across indie folk rock, upbeat synth pop, indie pop, and addicting pop-rock.


hd hausmann (UK) – “old satellites”

Hd hausmann is still somewhat of an enigma. The artist is only on facebook, soundcloud and twitter. The tracks that have so far been released are expansive and intriguing with lyrics that are really poetic. The latest track release is ‘old satellites’ and we also have word that an album titled Wring the moisture from the surf  will be released on November 6th.

“Old satellites” starts with keys and then later builds into an expansive soundscape and chorus that captures and holds your attention. Every single track release so far has been great so we look forward to a proper album from this UK band.

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Inspired & the Sleep (USA) – “In My Labyrinth Mind”

Groove alert! Inspired & the Sleep is an indie-pop outfit based in San Diego, CA consisting of a revolving lineup surrounding singer-songwriter Max Greenhalgh & multi-instrumentalist Bryce Outcault. Focusing on rhythm and melody, Greenhalgh’s loop-based demos are rewoven with additional psychedelic/jazz threads to construct groove-centered pop songs in a similar vein as Garden & Villa, Rhye, & The Antlers. Determined on continuous reinvention, the band is moving towards a more refined and darker approach to arranging with polished production while retaining hints of Greenhalgh’s previous lo-fi ponderings.

“In My Labyrinth Mind” is not only an awesome song title but it is a groovy and delicious mix of lo-fi and synth filled dream pop. “In My Labyrinth Mind” is off the forthcoming EP Eyelid Kid which will be out in October.

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Jake McMullen (USA) – “Always”

Combining elements of folk and indie rock, Jake McMullen’s writing style is mature beyond his years. At only 22, he’s already established himself as an accomplished songwriter. The Los Angeles born, now Nashville based artist is set to release his debut EP, Always on October 16th.

“Always” is a song for the lonely. For those (including myself) that have those dark moments and nights where they are questioning anything and everything and trying to deal with this sorrow and heartache they feel. – Jake McMullen

His style is reminiscent of Jesse Marchant. McMullen’s voice is inviting and the song is quite beautiful even if it is about being alone. We look forward to hearing more from this emerging singer-songwriter.

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Max Frost (USA) – “Withdrawal”

Max Frost is back with a new single that is just as catchy as his first break out track, “White Lies”. “Withdrawal” instantly reels you in as he sings about his love interest that is keeping him intoxicated and without her, he is having withdrawal. The Austin native has the knack for combining smooth R&B grooves with completely addicting beats. Max Frost has also announced an upcoming EP release titled Intoxication that will be out September 25th.

He is also touring in October with Wild Child so try and catch him live. You can find tour dates here.

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My Fellow Sponges (Ireland) – “Air”

My Fellow Sponges are an independent band from Galway, on the west coast of Ireland. After four years of playing together their sound incorporates elements of minimalism, folk, bossa and more recently synth-heavy electro with influences that include Kate Bush, Brian Eno, Philip Glass and Django Django.

My Fellow Sponges are Donal McConnon (vocals, banjo, guitar, harmonica, clarinet)  Anna Mullarkey (vocals, piano, bodhran, ukelele, harmonium), David Shaughnessy (percussion), Elva Carrol (vocals), Hazel Collins (cello), Sam Wriight (bass)

“Air” is a quite different yet mesmerizing track that includes classical and electronic elements that blend together perfectly. Even better is that “Air” is available for a free download or name your price on their bandcamp page.

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Oh, Be Clever (USA) – “River”

Oh, Be Clever is an electronic duo based in Salt Lake City, UT. The duo is comprised of Brittney Shields and Cory Scott Layton. “River” is a great track that actually speaks about accepting yourself. Brittney shares a bit about the lyrics “This song is about seeking validation in all the wrong places. When we wrote this I was very insecure. I’d do almost anything to get someone to like me. It’s about the feeling you get when you come to terms with your flaws and let go of the baggage holding you back.”

With Shields’ memorable voice and the tight production from Layton, Oh, Be Clever is an electronic duo to keep your eyes on. The  track is also available as a free download on soundcloud.

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