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The Matinee September 10


Our mini-playlists have always been global in nature, but this week’s sets have been more so international as we’ve featured music for a larger number of countries. The Matinee September 10 edition is no different. You’ll find music from Chile, Greece, Canada, the UK, and the USA.

Intimate Stranger (Chile) – “Just”

We’ve featured a number of shoegaze bands in our time, but never have we written about one from Chile – until now. Intimate Stranger, who are a quartet based in Santiago, make dazzling indie-rock that at times could touch on The Cure’s brilliance or Slowdive’s beauty. On their latest single, “Just”, Intimate Stranger adopt the latter’s breathtaking allure on this mesmerizing track. Their sound has resulted in a pretty decent following in Chile, but if they continue to make such music they’ll be a favorite everywhere.

Like our mini-playlists, Intimate Stranger is also a global band, as frontwoman Tessie Stranger (vocals, guitars) is Croatian. The band also includes Lau Stranger (guitar), Pipa (drums), and Phillip Crisis (bass).

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Shelby Earl (USA) – “Stay With Me Tonight” (ft. The Spectacles)

Shelby Earl, one of our favorites from the start, has returned with a new single. The singer-songwriter from Seattle blew us away with her triumphant 2013 LP Swift Arrows, but since then she hasn’t released much new music other than a couple of Christmas songs until now. With “Stay With Me Tonight”, Earl moves away from the indie-folk and indie-rock of her last album to an ’80s power-pop love ballad. Not every artist could pull off a song that echoes of Belinda Carlisle’s heartbreakers, but Earl’s fabulous voice soars and pushes the song to a dynamic and sultry level. If we had our way, we would give her the label of “America’s Sweetheart”.

Earl will be touring the East Coast in a couple of weeks. Find tour dates here.

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Zoey Lily (London, UK) – “EDGES” (live demo)

The best thing about SoundCloud is that you never know what you’ll find. Exhibit A: Zoey Lily. She released a demo of her debut single, “EDGES”, which is simply breathtaking. Lily’s vulnerable and haunting vocals pierce through the light strums of the electric guitar on this dark, brooding, but beautiful indie-rock track. It resonates with the power of Daughter, and her song completely blew our minds much in the same matter as one of this year’s best surprises, Esther Joy Lane. Lily is in the process of recording her debut EP, which is expected in 2016. BTW, she’s only 18 years old.

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The Noise Figures (Greece) – “Holy One”

While Greece has been receiving attention as a result of its fragile economy and current election, its citizens are still producing some great music that often gets lost in the cacophony of this global industry. One band that has made waves in Greece but hasn’t quite reached the same level of success abroad is The Noise Figures. Comprised of George Nikas (vocals, drums) and Stamos Bamparis (guitars, vocals), the garage-rock duo could be best described as The Black Keys and Ty Segall coming together to form a super group. Their latest single, “Holy One”, is an anthemic, blistering rocker, and one that should give The Noise Figures more notice abroad.

“Holy One” is the lead single from the duo’s forthcoming album, Aphelion, which arrives September 28 via Inner Ear Records.

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Heavenly Beat (USA) – “Intent”

Back in the early days of The Revue, we had a segment called “Mundo Musique”, which showcased indie music from around the world – basically what we’re doing now. One of the first articles included John Peña’s project Heavenly Beat. The former Beach Fossils member has released a couple of terrific albums that focused primarily on synth- and dream-pop. He’s not preparing to self-release his third album, Designer, which is due out later this year. The lead single is “Intent”. The song represents a slight change in approach for Peña, as the New York City musician has infused his trademark glacial and atmospheric production into ’80s-inspired pop. It’s a fabulous take on the genre, and it will be interesting to hear how it compares with similar efforts by Work Drugs and Astronauts, etc.

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Terrorista (Canada) – “Driver”

If the name Terrorista rings a bell, it may be because they were profiled back in November. The post-punk duo from Toronto is back with an intense and blistering new single, “Driver”, which echoes of the blazing rock of Death from Above 1979. After releasing a handful of singles, “Driver” just might be Terrorista’s masterpiece.

The single is part of a shared split single with Outer Rooms. Click on the Bandcamp link below to get information on how to purchase it.

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