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The Matinee September 16


Our Matinee for September 16 has 5 new tracks for your listening pleasure. Most are from the US and we have one artist from the UK. We have a solid showing of really great music ranging from Singer-Songwriter to indie pop, indie rock and even some funky disco.


Asya Fairchild (UK) – “I Will”

We don’t know much about Asya Fairchild except that she provided guest vocals for a track we really dig by UK band Moats titled “Toothache”. She has two songs uploaded to Soundcloud, one we are able to embed here titled “I Will”, but her newest track “Seperate” is pretty awesome too.

Her vocals remind of Ellie Roswell. The minimal production with just an acoustic guitar in the background frames her vocal talent very well and we hope to hear more from this talented UK based singer-songwriter.

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The Districts – “Fat Kiddo” (USA)

This little gem showed up on Soundcloud and was written/recorded between flights and tours. It is a nice track to hold us over until the next new track will be released by the young and talented Lititz, PA band.

The track is simple yet elicits emotion and their obvious talent still shines through.

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JR JR (USA) – “As Time Goes”

Previously Dale Earnhardt, JR JR – the Detroit based duo of Joshua Epstein & Daniel Zolt have dropped the famous Nascar drivers name, much to his sadness in a reply on twitter by the driver himself. They are about to drop a self titled EP on September 25 and “As Time Goes” is one a new track from the EP.

As always the duo provides upbeat feel good tracks with the perfect blend of drum beats and synth. “As Time Goes” delivers and speaks to the fact that life just continues to pass you by.  If you can ever catch them live, highly recommend as they are super cool guys and always have a high energy live set.

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Mexico City Blondes (USA) – “First Cut”

Mexico City Blondes have just released their self-titled EP. “First Cut” is one of the single from the new EP. Mexico City Blondes is Allie Thompson and Greg Doscher. After a chance meeting in Santa Barbara, the pair quickly bonded over music and decided to collaborate on an album. For them, the process of writing and recording music was natural and exciting, like old friends finishing each other’s sentences.

The duo have created a mix of Allie’s piano driven American folk style with Greg’s electronic meets organic sound production. Their first track from the EP titled “Fade” was posted last year and has over 500k shares. “First Cut” is upbeat and a synth driven track set with Allie’s appealing vocals at the forefront. The EP is full of indie pop goodness and if you dig, you can purchase on i-Tunes.

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 Outasight (USA) – “Big Trouble”

Outasight is Richard Andrew from Yonkers, NY. He first hit the scene in 2012 with the release of his platinum-selling single “Tonight Is The Night”. Since then, OU has been honing his craft and releasing singles along the way. Now in 2015, inspired by his recent move to sunny Los Angeles, Outasight has officially returned with an album that holds onto the knack for creating a flawless, arena-ready pop hook while still exploring the creative growth and maturity he has developed through working at his craft relentlessly over the past three years.

“Big Trouble” is filled with funkadelic grooves and will definitely put you in a good mood. You can preorder his full-length album of the same name, Big Trouble on i-Tunes.It will be released on October 23.

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