The Matinee September 17 edition takes another spin around the world, seeking new music for your listening pleasure. Six songs, four countries are represented today. There’s more of a rock slant to today’s selection, but it’s not all hard stuff.

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Moving Panoramas (USA) – “Radar”

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The Matinee kicks off with an all-female trio to watch over the coming months. Based out of Austin, Texas, Moving Panoramas have been compared to power- and surf-pop bands Dum Dum Girls and Best Coast. The comparisons are apt when listening to their lead single “One”, which was released a few weeks ago. Their latest single, “Radar”, though, is a dreamy, shoegaze tune reminiscent of Portland-based band Blouse. The vocals, harmonies, and melodies are lush and dazzling – music that is simply enchanting.

Moving Panoramas are Leslie Sisson (guitar, vocals); Rozie Castoe (bass,vocals), and Karen Skloss (drums). “Radar” and “One” are the first two singles from the band’s forthcoming debut album, ONE, which is due out October 2 via Modern Outsider.

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Vita Bergen (Sweden) – “In The City”

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We’ve featured some fantastic Swedish bands, many within the synth-pop and dream-folk genres. There are also some excellent post-punk and indie-rock bands. Falling in the latter category is Vita Bergen, the project created by lead singer William Hellström and guitarist Robert Jallinder. The band is preparing to launch its debut full-length, Disconnection, and the lead track is the awesome rocker “In The City”. The song echoes of Neon Bible-era Arcade Fire – a high-paced, organized chaotic indie-rocker that at its zenith has a variety of instruments collide at once. It’s just head-smashing good.

In addition to Hellström and Jallinder, Vita Bergen includes Bénédicte Piauger, Jakob Kullberg, Andreas Jallinder, Hampus Bergh, Dan Augustsson, and Gustaf Gunér. Disconnection will be released on October 23.

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The Big Moon (England) – “The Road”

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Having only released a couple of singles to date, The Big Moon have quietly emerged as one of the buzziest bands around, mostly due to word being spread through the internet. The buzz, however, is well deserved, and NME has called them one of London’s most exciting bands. Their art-rock is gritty and dark yet infectious, echoing of PJ Harvey, Blondie, and St. Vincent. The quartet’s latest single, “The Road”, is dire yet dreamy, filled with some great harmonies a la Warpaint and a collision of melodic and edgy guitar riffs. It’s fantastic single from a creative band that is on the verge achieving massive appeal.

The video for “The Road”, which is below”, further demonstrates the out-of-the-box thinking of the quartet. The video shows Juliette Jackson (guitar, lead vocals), Soph Nathan (guitar, vocals), Celia Archer (bass, vocals), and Fern Ford (drums) doing a number of activities in tight confines. This DIY video, which the band produced themselves, also highlights the claustrophobic nature of the single.

“The Road” will be released on a 7″ split single later this month via Handsome Dad Records. Those in the UK and Paris can catch them in concert in October. Check for tour dates here.

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Frøkedal (Norway) – “First Friend”

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Speaking of PJ Harvey influences and with dashes of Björk, Norwegian singer-songwriter Anne Lise Frøkedal – or just Frøkedal – has released her debut EP, I See You, a startling, haunting album. The EP’s highlight is the hypnotic and sinister-feeling “First Friend”. The deep house beats and Frøkedal’s rousing vocals add to the mystery of the chance encounter. This is one of those rare tracks that you could constantly spin without tiring of it.

I See You is out now via Propeller Recordings. Get it on iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic.

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Hedge Fund (Australia) – “Boyfriend”

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There’s probably an inside joke when William Colvin (vocals), Mislav Belobradjic (guitar), Nick Weaver (bass), and Miles Thomas (drums) decided to name their band Hedge Fund. The young lads from Sydney, Australia create blistering alternative rock. Their new single, “Boyfriend”, crosses the infectious rock of The Killers with the arty-ness of Palaye Royale to create a delirious track.  For any person who has had her or his heart broken, you’ll completely emphasize with the feelings being depicted and the spiraling feeling created by the quartet’s revving instruments.

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Chaika (England) – “The Mirror”

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Leeds is one of the most underrated music cities not just in the UK but on the planet. It’s a city that has bred some of the finest bands of the past few years, including Alt-J and Eagulls. Next up are Chaika, a four-piece garage-psychedelic band that have an awesome sound. Their blazing indie-rock lands between the infectious garage-psych-pop of Temples and the cathartic psych-rock of Eagulls. Their earlier stuff, though, echos of another Leeds-based band (and one of my personal favorites) The Music, particularly “Scream Back/Coming Home”. Their music may not be made for radio play but it’s mind-blowing fantastic.

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