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Matinee September 18


Today’s Matinee for September 18 includes six new tracks from a nice showing of countries today. We have two from the US, one from the UK, Australia, Scotland and a band from Indonesia. Three tracks are electro pop and the others range from indie rock, progressive folk and doom pop.



Alek Fin (USA) – “Golden, Blinding”

LA Based producer has another new track titled “Golden, Blinding” off of his upcoming EP, Án Mynda. We previously shared the title track. The EP now has a release date of October 9th. With the new track “Golden, Blinding” the trip-hop like track has a beat that you won’t soon forget. Along with muted yet intriguing vocals that remind a bit of Thom Yorke, this is another solid showing from Alek Fin (Adam Finkel). We look forward to hearing his upcoming EP in full.

You can preorder Án Mynda here.

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BRIJS (England) – “Shy”

Brijs, pronounced “Bryce” has been making electronic music since the age of seventeen. Now 24, after producing, writing and playing for a number of artists, he is developing his own sound. Vocal talent for the track “Shy” is courtesy of Dandelion. The debut EP from Brijs is titled Friends and is available via Barbera Music and for purchase on i-Tunes now.

“Shy” is an upbeat track that has a soothing and inviting beat against the smooth vocals from Dandelion. The three track EP which is all we have from Brijs so far, has us taking notice and the young producer has the promise of producing some Mark Ronson quality tracks with future collaborations from vocal artists.

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Cherri Fosphate (Scotland) – “Auf Wiedersehen”

Cherri Fosphate is from Glasgow, Scotland. The quartet just recently released a new track “Auf Wiedersehen”. Cherri Fosphate is comprised of Jonny Sharpe (vocals/guitar) Alan Robinson (guitar), Jordan Lannigan (bass) and Sonny Kainth (drums).

“Auf Widersehen” has all the elements for any indie rock fan that is looking for the perfect amount of no-frills straight to the point rock. At first listen you would have no idea these lads are from Scotland. The track is addicting and has the perfect amount of sing along hooks that keeps you wanting to push repeat. We look forward to hearing more from Cherri Fosphate as they are currently working on their debut album, We Didn’t Come Here To Say Goodbye which will be out November 20th via Bloc+Music.

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HMGNC (Indonesia) – “Memories That Last A Dream”

HMGNC (Homogenic) is from Bandung, Indonesia. The trio is comprised of Deena Dellyana (Synths/Programming), Grahadea Kusuf (Synth/Programming), Amandia Syachridar (Vocals). Their newest track “Memories That Last a Dream” is sweet electro pop gem with an r&b vibe going on. The trio describe their sound as electronic sci-pop. Whatever the description, this track calms our mood and takes us to a pretty serene and uplifting place.

With their newest material, HMGNC is poised to plant themselves firmly into the indie-electronic space. The single is released by Papermoon Records.

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Tall Heights (USA) – “Spirit Cold”

Tall Heights are blending gorgeous harmonies and lyrical depth with electronic additions. The Boston based duo comprised of Tim Harrington and Paul Wright began Tall Heights by busking in Boston’s Faneuil Hall, playing over 100 days and making enough money to help fund their first EP. In 2013, they self released their full length debut album Man of Stone. On October 9, they will release their new EP titled Holding On, Holding Out.

“Spirit Cold” is a beautiful track which has folk and Americana influences yet with the captivating vocals, addition of cello and gorgeous harmonies, they are poised for crossover appeal in the indie pop/rock realm. We look forward to hearing their upcoming EP. They are also on tour this fall, you can check out tour dates here.

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The Sunday Reeds (Australia) – “Pretty People”

The Sunday Reeds are named after Melbourne ’30s/40s patron of the Arts Sunday Reed. The trio is comprised of Romana Ashton (vocals, bass), Drew Jones (guitar) and John Birrell (drums). The Sunday Reeds formed in 2008 and released their first album in 2009. Their last release was in 2014 titled Amour Tragique and they have just released a new track titled “Pretty People”.

They consider themselves doom pop but there is some 90s greatness in there with vocals reminiscent of Johnette Napolitano. The track is a lyrical truth to today’s celebrity obsessed culture and is a solid showing from the Australian based trio.

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