director: Bruce McDonald   

opens September 25th   

Big screen. BIG SCREEN. I cannot emphasize this enough, this must be seen on the big screen. Or at least duck tape yer eyeWatch directly to pupil.

Fairly flacid early reviews means basement critics cannot get past their little screens to see the full blown mastery of Bruce McDonald’s “Hellions”. Yes the story meanders, has no real path, and offers a rather insipid conclusion, but that’s not the point. This is a classic horror flick, chockofullo creepy critters, ingenious chills, icy tension, and spectacular, filter-crazy cinematography. Oh and a damsel in dis dress.


Nice, right? Right. Inspite of its many limitations (what horror movie doesn’t have ’em) “Hellions” works because it looks great (especially when in infra red mode), and has enough jumpy frights to spill popcorn all over the place. Forget the plot holes, just submit to the bloody moving canvas and enjoy the ride.


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