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Today we have six new tracks to get your weekend kicked off right. We have bands ranging from indie pop to melodic indie rock. We hope you find some great new tunes for today, and remember to check back tomorrow for our full weekend playlist with this week’s great finds. The list today is shared between the US, UK and one from Sweden.


CILIA – “Silhouettes In Slow Motion” (Sweden)

CILIA is from Sweden. She has a couple of songs currently on Soundcloud. Her voice commands your attention and the production on each of her songs so far are proving she is a strong contender in the indie pop space. Honestly, she should be more widely known. Keep an eye on this up and coming indie pop star. “Silhouettes in Slow Motion” is upbeat pop and is a great one to send off before the cool weather begins (We are still waiting for it to cool down in Texas).

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The Crookes (England) – “I Wanna Waste My Time On You”

The Crookes should be more widely known. The Sheffield based band have already released a few albums including Hold Fast and Soapbox. They are currently working on another album titled Lucky Ones which will be out in January. “I Wanna Waste My Time On You” is their newest single off of the upcoming album and it is a great indie rock track.

The Crookes always have knack for melding harmonious rock together with a blend of old and new as they have a bit of a throwback 50s-60s vibe.Each track proves their talent as a band.  “I Wanna Waste My Time On You” has a bit of a slower tempo than past singles like “Afterglow” or “Play Dumb”, yet you still know it is The Crookes. It almost reminds me of a Cure-like vibe. We look forward to hearing more from George, Daniel, Tom, Croftsy

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Doe Paoro (USA) – “Hypotheticals”

Hollie previously included a track by Paoro a few months ago and she has a new one titled “Hypotheticals”. Paoro has all of the elements including a mesmerizing voice to become that perfect singer-songwriter with a pop slant which will command a wide base of fans.

She has already has a nice amount of followers and that will continue to grow, especially now that RAC has remixed  her previous track, Nostalgia. The LA based artist is on the rise so if you don’t know who she is now, you will eventually. We look forward to hearing more from this emerging artist.

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JAWS (England) – “What We Haven’t Got Yet”

JAWS is an awesome indie rock band from the UK that will probably eventually infiltrate the the rest of the world. They are a young band and have been impressing ever since their debut EP Milkshake in 2013. They have a dreamy pop – shoegaze slant but their newest track “What We Haven’t Got Yet” shows their guitar rock genius on this track and has us excited for new material. The band is evolving and they are getting even better. Keep these lads on your watch list, they are getting ready to gain a wider fan base than just the UK.

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MAINLAND (USA) – “Not As Cool As Me”

MAINLAND is from NYC and they have a nice punky-rock track with “Not As Cool As Me” which is actually the perfect break up anthem for anyone that has done you wrong. The track is almost teetering on surf rock and offers a great showing for this up and coming band.

MAINLAND is comprised of Jordan Topf, Corey Mullee and Alex Pitta. Be on the lookout for their debut album which will be out early next year.

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The Night Café (England) – “Addicted”

The Night Café is a quartet out of Liverpool. The band is comprised of Carl, Arran, Josh and Sean. They are about to support The Wombats on tour and their new track “Addicted” is one of their favourite songs to play at the moment.

The track is a laid back indie rock track speaking to one of those relationships that you can’t get enough of. These lads also have a great track, Growing Up that was released before this one. The two tracks release so far online show the potential of these lads and we look forward to hearing more in the future.

If you dig the track like we do, you can actually download it for free, here.

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