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Rendition: Remixes by NAO, Jagwar Ma, and Tontario


Even though it’s now autumn in our part of the planet, remixes always have a summery feel – well, most of them. We have three more for you on today’s Rendition. As always, we’ve included the original song for you to check out.


Wolf Alice – “Bros” (NAO Remix)


One of the biggest buzz bands this year is Wolf Alice, the art-rock quartet from the UK who has taken the world by storm. One of their biggest singles from their debut album, My Love is Cool, is “Bros”, a dreamy, synth-pop number. The song has been given a remake by London-based singer and producer NAO, who has taken the song and completely transformed it into a loop-filled, house-style remix. The song is no longer a lush one but transformed into a hypnotic, transfixing experience.


Wolf Alice Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

NAOWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Foals – “Mountain At My Gates” (Jagwar Ma Remix)


We’re pretty big fans of Foals, the Oxford, UK band who recently released their superb fourth studio album, What Went Down. The quintet have grown organically in popularity, so it’s not a surprise that their music is increasingly being remixed. One of the more dazzling renditions is Jagwar Ma‘s take on Foals’ “Mountain At My Gates”, which in our opinion is the best song on What Went Down.

One of the most innovative bands in the business, the trio of Jagwar Ma have an innate ability to make music that moves you in a variety of ways. On this remix, the Sydney-based musicians have turned Foals’ anthemic rock track into a blazing, mesmerizing tune. House, electronic, and ambient textures flood the son, but Jagwar Ma retain Yannis’ signature vocals, actually heightening them into a divine quality. Even if you’re not one for remixes, this one might change your mind.



FoalsWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Jagwar MaWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Emmecosta – “Brontos” (Tontario Remix)


One of the terrific under-the-radar bands in the business is Gothenburg, Sweden trio Emmecosta. Known for their lush, hypnotic, post-club music (think Rhye), the band released the startling and breathtaking “Brontos” earlier this year. The song has been given a make over by fellow Finnish musician and producer Tontario. Only 21-years old, Tontario has turned “Brontos” into an ambient stunner. It’s cool yet vibrant, and Tontario retains the ethereal undertones of the original. The remix would be perfect for a hip restaurant or club or just sitting at home and relaxing. This rendition has put Tontario on our radar screens.


EmmecostaWebsite | Facebook | Twitter

TontarioFacebook | Twitter | Instagram (private account)

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