The music industry is long littered with immensely talented artists who for unknown reasons largely fly under the radar. The great Sam Phillips is a great example, as she has been writing poignant, fabulous stories for well over two decades. While Sally Crewe hasn’t been writing music for as long as Phillips, she’s been releasing albums for 12 years, beginning with 2003’s Drive It Like You Stole It. Since then, she’s released a handful of EPs and LPs both as a solo artist and with The Sudden Moves, focusing on lo- and mi-fi indie-pop-rock.

As a songwriter, Crewe tells immensely personal stories. On her new album, Later Than You Think, she has written one of the best kiss-off albums of the year, standing alongside Sarah Bethe Nelson’s Fast-Moving Clouds and Jessie Jones’ self-titled debut. When paired up with her take of classic indie-pop-rock infused with a bit of new wave, goth rock, and jazz, you get one heck of an album. Take for instance “Chase Tornado”. With dashes of synth and a deep bass line, the track sounds like a cross between The Cure, Depeche Mode, and Veruca Salt, which together creates an edgy send off to an ex-lover. The jazz notes on “Look Back Down” perfectly complement the betrayal of a “friend”.

Crewe also just rocks out – in her own melodic way. The opening track, “What You Do” (which is dedicated to her dogs) and the bass-driven “Satellite” are mid-tempo groovers that recall ’90s indie rock. “Come in No. 9” resembles much of Sam Phillips’ catalog – pop-infused melodies with a gritty underbelly. There probably aren’t any truer lyrics than, “I sleep at night but it’s not with you”.

“Needle In The Groove” echoes of Waxahatchee – lyrically and musically, where Crewe combines pop, rock, and punk on this clever track that compares the writing of a song with the ups and downs of a relationship (or at least I think it does). “Only Luck Can Save Us Now”, a taunt pop tune, most closely mirrors Sarah Bethe Nelson’s playful yet bitterly honest songwriting style. It’s this juxtaposition that can be heard throughout Later Thank You Think – songs about everyday life and the tough experiences we encounter that are balanced with a splash of humor and playfulness. It’s why Sally Crewe is a favorite among the most ardent indie music fan, and a reason why she should be everyone’s must-hear artist.

Later Than You Think is out now via 8-Track Mind. Purchase it at Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon.

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Sally Crewe - Later Than You Think


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