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CityFolk 2015 – Day 3


I was a little torn on whether to go see Jenn Grant or Amy Helm. I am a big fan of Jenn Grant and because of that I have seen here many times, and usually as many times as she comes to Ottawa in a year. After hearing about some of the issues with getting into Ravenlaw for Wintersleep and seeing the lineup waiting for Ravenlaw already I decided to enter while I can and just stay there for the night. I let logistics make up my mind but it wouldn’t have taken much to convince me to go see Jenn Grant again. As always she put on a wonderfully personable show. I regret nothing!

The act I was very curious about seeing was Elle King. She has such an amazingly powerful voice on her album and I wanted to see what she’d be like live. There was no disappointment, her voice was just as powerful live, impressively so. She mixed in some funny if not a little awkward banter in throughout the night. Her great performance allowed us to forget about the air temperature inside the building but it was a bit of a relief to exit the building after her performance and that had everything to do with the air circulation and not her performance.

After Elle King I went back to the main stage to catch the tail end of the legend that is Van Morrison. Another fine day at CityFolk.


Jenn Grant

Jenn Grant

Elle King

Elle King


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