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The Matinee September 29


Today, we have a double whammy of new singles with both The Melodic Tonic and The Matinee September 29 going head-to-head. Which set of new singles do you prefer? This one has six tracks, so I think The Matinee has the advantage (of course I’m incredibly biased). Regardless of your choice, we hope you find a few new favorite artists.



Violent Mae (USA) – “In The Sun”

Back in March, we had the pleasure of premiering Violent Mae‘s music video for the stunning “Right Here”. This hidden gem duo from Connecticut is getting set to release their sophomore album, Kid, and the lead single is “In The Sun”. It’s an intoxicating track highlighted by Becky Kessler’s deep but smokey vocals and Floyd Kellogg’s fantastic production work. The pace is brilliant, increasing slowly until the glorious finale. This indie rocker only further highlights why we are all such big fans of Violent Mae – and I truly mean all of us and not just one or two. This could be the year that Violent Mae breaks through with their terrific songwriting and a sound that touches on Daughter, She Keeps Bees, and Sharon Van Etten. We obviously cannot wait for when Kid drops, which is expected to be November 13.

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We Are All Astronauts (UK/USA) – “Ether”

We came across Bristol, UK – Boston, Massachusetts project We Are All Astronauts back in June. At the time, they shared the cataclysmic “Doves” and now return with the ethereal and surreal “Ether”. With the intergalactic feel of Public Service Broadcasting, We Are All Astronauts transport you to a place where gravity essentially is non-existent and where billions of people could only imagine of traveling to one day. The synths, electronics, drums, and shoegaze guitars collide into a spectacular display of sonic delight. This song will not only take your breath away, but it will also steal away any and all thoughts.

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Anteros (England) – “Lonely Tonight”

The UK has had its share of buzz bands and artists. Another one is Anteros, who on Friday officially released their self-titled debut. The album includes a special b-side track “Lonely Tonight”. With an ’80s vibe, this startling little single has the feel of a late-night escapade or a drive down the cavernous boulevards of Los Angeles. It’s a gorgeous track highlighted by Laura Hayden’s sultry vocals and the groovy production of Joshua Rumble. If the song’s melody sounds familiar, the opening chords echo of Cutting Crew’s 1986 hit, “I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight”.

You can hear the band’s lead single, “Anteros”, over here if you wish. Get to know this band quickly because their popularity could explode instantaneously like Wolf Alice.

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Lao Ra (Colombia) – “Jesus Made Me Bad”

We all know that with the internet, music knows no bounds. Apparently, this also applies to MTV, which Bogota, Colombia native Lao Ra watched religiously as a child. This explains why her vocal and lyrical styles resemble a woman who has graced MTV frequently, Gwen Stefani, although her sound is firmly etched in synth-pop a la Grimes and La Roux. Her debut single, “Jesus Made Me Bad”, is an expression of individuality and that people are created the way they are. It’s a pretty neat track from an emerging artist from an unexpected place.

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Eleven Eleven (Australia) – “The Original”

From the town of Taree about two hours north of Sydney comes rock quartet Eleven Eleven. Comprised of Kaitlin Brown (vocals), Max Heaslip (bass), Otto Falson-Ree (drums), and Harry Brown (guitar), the band has caught the attention of Triple J and indie music fans Down Under. They are reportedly working on new material, but they have released this basher of a track, “The Original”. Echoing of Paramore and even splashes of Rage Against the Machine and Rush, “The Original” provides a hint of something more cathartic on the horizon for this excellent rock band.

The single is out via The A&R Department.



The Van T’s (Scotland) – “Growler”

Blasting their moody indie-rock is Glasgow, Scotland band The Van T’s, the brainchild of twin sisters Hannah and Chloe Van Thompson. As they prepare to launch their EP, Laguna Babe, The Van T’s have released their first single, “Growler”, to give a flavor of what is to come. While newer fans to indie music may hear Honeyblood, older indie music listeners might hear a lot of Wolf Parade with the dual harmonies and an indie-rock sound that has traces of progginess and shimmering ’50s rock ‘n roll. If this is the sound of the forthcoming album, this EP could be something special.

Laguna Babe EP is due out November 13th via Bloc+Music. In addition to the Thompson sisters, The Van T’s include Joanne Forbes (bass) and Shaun Hood (drums).

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