director: Avi Lewis   

special screening October 4th, with the filmmakers in attendance   

regular run starts october 9th   

The Mayfair Theatre, 1074 Bank Street   

“This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate” is the full title of Noami Klein’s tome, and frankly, the documentary needs that crucial extension, else it becomes a bit of a guessing game as to what this film is really about.

Yes, yes, climate change bad. This is a highly converted audience; tell me something I don’t know.

The underlying pulse of the doc, which goes to great lengths (all over the world) to present small, personal uprisings taking on earth-raping companies, is that the global warming fight can transform a broken capitalistic system. Neat.

She may be right, but damn it, Klein’s placid and technical delivery is all wrong for what could have been an exhuberent, joyful, uprising flick. Where’s the passion? Where’s the heart? It’s there in the subjects. The stories work, the characters are great, the proposals ideal, the cinematography sublime. Swap in a hyped-up David Suzuki and you’ve got gold, er, revolution.


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