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Rendition: Remixes by Olugbenga, YOSHIMITSU, and Ape Drums


Today’s edition of Rendition is a bit of throwback, as the three songs being remixed are from musicians that we’ve covered previously. As such, there’s a familiarity with what you’ll hear yet, as with every remix, something different. The three remixes being featured are from emerging producers Olugbenga, YOSHIMITSU, and Ape Drums. As always, the original single is also provided below.



Mew – “Witness” (Olugbenga Remix)


If you’ve been following us, you’ll know that a few of the gang are big fans of Mew, so when Nigerian musician and producer Olugbenga dropped his remix of “Witness”, we had to include it on an edition of Rendition. Whereas the original song was a buzzsaw of an indie-pop, dance-pop track, Olugbenga has turned it into a shimmering, groovy number that might actually be better than the original.


MEWWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
OlugbengaWebsite | Facebook | Twitter


Sun Bazel – “Osheen Of Mynd” (YOSHIMITSU Soupy Remix)


We had featured Melbourne, Australia duo Sun Bazel back in April of this year with their great track “Halfway”. On the same EP was the psychedelic dream “Osheen Of Mynd”. Sun Bazel has kind of floated under the radar, but that might change after this remake by YOSHIMITSU. Already a really trippy track, YOSHIMITSU has made it trippier and moved it closer to the hallucinating sounds of Tame Impala.


Sun BazelFacebook


Steven A. Clark – “Can’t Have” (Ape Drums Remix)


Steven A. Clark released his awesome new album, Lonely Roller, last month. One of its best tracks is “Can’t Have”, on which Clark combines R&B sensibilities with synth-pop aesthetics. The song is given a darkwave / deep house makeover by Houston, Texas producer Ape Drums – or Eric Alberto-Lopez. The original blew you away with the raw emotion in Clark’s voice while the remake spices things up with a deep groove and club mentality.


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Ape DrumsWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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