The Matinee October 6 edition is a little bit of old and new. In terms of the former, there are new singles from artists whom we’ve previously featured. In terms of the latter, we have the debut singles by two artists and these tracks are press off the press as of today. The other two singles are new songs by emerging artists that take a dreamy, shoegaze-y approach. Enjoy today’s The Matinee.


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Oyster Kids – “Creepy” (Los Angeles, USA)

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We start things off with the debut single by LA-based duo Oyster Kids. Not too much is known about the group other than that they aspire to create indie-pop music that elicits both an emotional and physical response – so music that moves the mind and the body. With “Creepy”, they’ve achieved just that with this cinematic song. It is, on the one hand, catchy and stunning with some sublime melodies and terrific rhythm work as the electronic beats and production are at the perfection pace and pitch. On the other hand, the track is dark and haunting, as the beats are given a downtempo sound and the vocals are whispery and hallow. This is one of the best debut songs of the year – lush and gorgeous yet spine-chilling. Can’t wait to hear what’s next from Oyster Kids.

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Matt Monoogian – “Hide” (Dawson City, Canada)

We’ve featured our share of artists from Canada’s northern territories, such as Dana Sipos, Kate Weeks, Sarah MacDougall, and Mary Caroline. All three focused on creating folk music that was either haunting or ingrained in the traditional, southern sound. Matt Monoogian, though, is slightly different. Like Oyster Kids, Monoogian is releasing his new song today. “Hide” is an absolutely stunning track that gracefully blows your mind. The song reverberates with the mind-numbing music Okkervil River in their early days; the haunting and euphoric sounds of Patrick Watson; and the cinematic splendor of Timber Timbre. Take all these great artists together, and you have Monoogian’s “Hide”.

Monoogian’s debut album, HIDE, comes out November 6.

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Shunkan – “Paleontologist” (Dunedin, New Zealand / Los Angeles, USA)

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When we caught wind of Shunkan last month when the New Zealand-based band dropped the title track of their forthcoming debut album, their sound reminded us of pop-punk bands like Joanna Gruesome and Paramore. The band, which started off as a bedroom project of frontwoman Marina Sakimoto, has shared the second song from the album. “Paleontologist” is a melodic, mi-fi rock tune in the mold of Waxahatchee. Like Katie Crutchfield, Sakimoto’s allegorical tongue is biting and immensely clever. If they create a video for this song, hopefully it’s done in a museum and involves one of the characters being swallowed by a giant T-Rex.

Shunkan’s forthcoming, debut album, Pink Noise, is expected late in 2015. You can hear the first single on a previous The Matinee featurePink Noise is expected to released in November via Art is Hard Records.

Shunkan are Marina Sakimoto, is originally from Los Angeles; Reese Jensen; Joseph Boath; Sonny Heremia; and Andy Gibbs.

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Oscar – “Breaking My Phone” (London, UK)

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Oscar Scheller – who just goes by Oscar – is developing a reputation for making highly infectious pop songs. The London native has released his second single, “Breaking My Phone”, which is another buzzsaw of a pop song. With Oscar’s smooth baritone voice, some whimsical sound effects, and a catchy guitar hook, the track grabs your attention from the opening notes and the intensity builds throughout the entire two minutes and forty-three seconds. Towards the end of the song, you can feel Oscar’s anger over the end of a relationship. Get to Oscar as he’ll likely be known as one of the frontrunners of the neo-Brit-pop movement.

“Breaking My Phone” will be released by Wichita Recordings. You can check out his first single and other tracks on a previous feature. Oscar is currently on tour, including this week on the West Coast of the US and then back in Europe. Find tour dates here.

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The Verigolds – “Crossfire” (San Diego, USA)

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We obviously have a soft spot for neo-psychedelic pop, having featured bands like FURS and Coloured Clocks. It was a treat, as such, to receive The Verigolds‘ submission. Their latest single, “Crossfire”, like the great psych-pop songs, transports the listener to another dimension. It is lush, breathtaking, and absolutely stunning, and the song is sent to a whole new level by the grandeur and beauty of frontwoman Jenna Cotton’s voice. We’ve been intoxicated by some great vocalists this year (e.g., Keeva, Zoey Lily), and Cotton’s stands among them as she touches on the majestic splendor of Neko Case and the smooth harmonies of Shelby Earl. 

The Verigolds are from San Diego. Joining Cotton (vocals, keys, guitar) are Eliot Ross (vocals, guitar, viola); Ben Smedley (keys, vocals); and Craig Schreiber (drums, vocals).

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LGHTNNGOne Night Away” (Groningen, Netherlands)

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Just one listen to newcomers LGHTNNG is all you need to realize this band from The Netherlands have something truly spectacular on their hands even though they’ve only released a couple of singles to date. One of those songs is the intoxicating “One Night Away”, which channels the endearing and gorgeous electro-pop of Electric Youth. It’s a song that will make you close your eyes and imagine of times where you could just run away with your loved one for just one night. This track will be the anthem for new lovers and even long-time partners.

“One Night Away” is from the quartet’s debut EP, Nights Change Days. You can hear the album on the Dutch-version of Noisey.

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