In just over thirteen months, Los Angeles psychedelic / garage rock outfit Wand have released three albums. Not EPs or split 7″, but full albums. For most bands, it takes two, three, and sometimes four or five years to put together an album. Wand, though, have gone to the school of Thee Oh See’s John Dwyer and Ty Segall, where releasing a new compilation every 6 to 8 months is a requirement. Fortunately for music fans, with each album that Wand has released, the band has progressively gotten better and stronger, both musically and as songwriters. Their third album, 1000 Days, is their strongest to date and filled with some awesome gems. This isn’t to say that Ganglion Reef and Golem were bad albums – quite the opposite, they were really solid ones – but on 1000 Days the band sounds more cohesive; there is a greater sense of purpose; and, like with any band, they’ve refined their sound.

It’s not exactly a single sound, though, that the band has mastered. Rather, they’ve followed in the footsteps of some of the best rockers in history to create one trippy album. David Bowie / Ziggy Stardust is heard right off the band with the whirling psychedelic tunes, “Grave Robber” and “Broken Sun”. The latter, in particular, seems to be shot right out of a ’70s kaleidoscope.The title track, which anchors the album, also resonates with Bowie-esque melodies on this laid-back, acoustic tune.

The band then turns to a contemporary, to whom they’ve often been compared. While “Paintings Are Dead” is a melodic psych-pop song, the terrific “Dungeon Dropper” blazes with Ty Segall reverb but with an understated vocal component provided by frontman Cory Hanson. And if you listen closely, there’s even some Brian Jonestown Massacre garage rock bellowing within the guitar riffs.

On “Sleepy Dog”, Wand channels Temples to create a spatial, infectious pop tune. The fantastic “Stolen Footsteps” buzzes with Thee Oh Sees’ psychedelia, but imagine John Dwyer on Prozac on this lush, trippy tune. It’s the one song that ties the entire album together and the multiple influences that could be heard. And while we may criticize bands for imitation, when it sounds this great there’s no reason to complain. Instead, we should celebrating bands like Wand more and more for bringing back and respecting such a great genre. Heck, we should be celebrating 1000 Days as one heck of an album.

1000 Days is out now via Drag City. Purchase it at the label’s online store, iTunes, and Amazon.

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