directors: Sarah-Violet BlissCharles Rogers 

opens October 10th   

The Mayfair Theatre, 1074 Bank Street   

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it”, Yogi Bera.   

What seems like an inoccuos day trip to the beach for a couple of truly unlikeable, priveleged millenials, turns into a distraction-filled anti-adventure slog. Why this makes for fascinating cinema is anyone’s guess, but the truth is, this here is fascinating cinema.

Following the arrogant, inept, loathsome, vapid and insufferable duo as they attempt to cross Brooklyn for some surf, sand and sex, is a taxing, frustrating viewing experience that begs shouting direction at the screen, but which in the end, manages to deftly pose a stream of life-contemplating questions. Class, race, gender and the meaning of existence topics all simmer beneath the shallow surface.

But never mind all that heady stuff, just enjoy ridiculing the dippy leads (exquisitely presented by Bridey Elliott and Clare McNulty) as they take a day off from their usual nothing days, snipe endlessly and needlessly, live through and for their dumb phones, and wind up screwing pretty well everyone in their meandering path. Not even kittens are spared! They are a pair of pretend adults, at a crucial age/job/friends cross-roads, in desperate need of a life GPS. Turns out the haves are actually the have-nots, and it really sucks.   

You’ll hate to like it, and like to hate it. Great flick.   


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