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The Matinee October 13


This wasn’t done intentionally, but the Matinee October 13 features six new singles by female singers or bands front by a woman. And these songs are just superb. Take a listen for yourself these superb tracks.


Freja – “Lonely” (Copenhagen, Denmark)

There’s a new name to get to know for indie music fans and that’s 27-year old Freja, the native of Copenhagen, Denmark. She wowed people with her electrifying first single, “Young Heart”, but her latest single “Lonely” is mind-blowing and spellbinding. This power- and emotive pop song resonates of Prince in his prime back in the early and mid 1980s and the majesty and grace of Lykki Li. It’s absolutely one of the best singles of the year.

“Lonely” is on Freja’s fantastic new EP, White Magic Spells, which is out now via Freja’s own label White Magic Spells. You can hear the rest of the singles on her SoundCloud page and purchase the EP on iTunes and Amazon.

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Joy Atlas – “Notice It All” (Newcastle, UK)

Joy Atlas first caught our attention a few months ago when they released “Dismount”. Their second single, “Notice It All”, is another graceful, electro-pop number. With the tickling of synths and keys and Beccy Owen’s captivating vocals, the band has expanded upon Bats for Lashes’ lo-fi, indie-pop approach. The song is subtle and quiet at first and even at its high points is still cleverly and beautifully restrained. The melody and tempo perfectly match the sad and introspective lyrics.

Joy Atlas is singer/songwriter Beccy Owen, keyboard/synth player Adam Kent, bassist Ian ‘Dodge’ Paterson and drummer Ged Robinson.

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Blondfire – “Pleasure” (Los Angeles, USA / Brazil)

LA / Brazil band Blondfire burst on the scene a little more than a year ago with their dreamy and flawless brand of indie-pop. In the past week, Blondfire has released two unexpected singles – the fiery electro-pop tune “Confessions” (hear it here) and the delicious, infectious number “Pleasure”. The latter has a summery aura and a quiet, anthemic quality to it. It’s one of those songs that quietly sneaks up on you, but has you humming endlessly. What will the next surprise be from this great band?

Blondfire are Bruce Driscoll, Erica Driscoll, Steve Stout, Josh Miramontes, and Reade Pryor.

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Fern – “It Comes Slowly” (Sydney, Australia)

Surprises. That’s one of the main reasons why we have created The Revue. You just never know when you accidentally find something on SoundCloud or another music streaming service that makes you silently utter the words, “Wow”. The debut single by Sydney trio Fern did just that. Fern – who consist of Lauren, Scott, and Adrian – only officially announced their formation in early August, and their fandom likely is limited to friends and family. Their debut “It Comes Slowly”, though, will quickly change that. This slow-building, shoegaze burner is absolutely stunning. The gradual build of the synths, bass, and guitar create an ethereal effect before it reaches its dreamy finish. The track is like the sonic creation of M83, CHVRCHES, and Dream Boat.



Cherryshoes – “Ride On” (Hay On Wye, Wales)

Another band making releasing their debut single is Cherryshoes. Based out of Wales and comprised of…, Cherryshoes’ “Ride On” is a spectacular, suspenseful electro-pop song. The lo-fi and slow build of the song entices you immediately and leaves you entranced by the time reaches its climax. Frontwoman Lisa Mottram’s voice is whispery yet intoxicating, as if she’s laying next to you singing sweet nothings into your ear. The slow-building track is reminiscent of GEMS, another of our favorite bands we’ve discovered over the past 18 months. Can’t wait to hear what’s next from this band.

Cherryshoes are Lisa Mottram (vocals); Dave Prescott (keyboards); Robert Robinson (bass); Adrian Williams (guitar); and Des Davies (guitar).

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Monogem – “Gone” (Los Angeles, USA)

Back when we first started doing the Weekend Showcase playlists, which then spawned The Matinee and Melodic Tonic, one of the first artists we featured was Los Angeles indie-pop sensation Monogem. Their track, “Glow”, was tantalizing. Monogem has returned with another great track, “Gone”. Glitzy and dazzling, “Gone” just might be Monogem’s best single to date. Like their previous songs and covers, including an awesome remake of The Weeknd’s “Earned It”, this single will likely be heard by tens if not hundreds of thousands of people.

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