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An opening single could make all the difference in whether to continue to listening to an album or not. Of course, it could also mean missing out on some gems later in the album, but like with a movie or a book the opening track is essential to capturing one’s attention. So while Caveboy‘s self-titled, debut EP commences with a summery pop tune, “Something Like Summer”, it’s the perfect number to open the album. Resembling close to the infectious and euphoric synth-pop of fellow Montrealers Young Galaxy, “Something Like Summer” roars right from the beginning with a rhythmic ensemble of guitars, synths, and keys before gliding into a lush and dreamy melody. It’s a song that will sweep you away.

“Something Like Summer” then sets up the rest of the album, where Caveboy flex their musicianship. “In The Grottos” is slowed down a bit yet the atmospheric approach is retained, recalling the romanticism of Electric Youth. “Monochrome” transports the listener back to the ’80s with this synth-heavy, pop-rock tune. It’s a sound that more contemporary bands like Operators and the now defunct Handsome Furs have crafted.

But not all the songs have that mystical or dance quality. “Love Song” is a haunting song. Whereas “Something” was summery, “Love Song” is a song made for the cooler, darker nights with its tragic story of a love falling apart. While the other songs on the album are contagious, this track is stunning and brilliant with the great use of melody and rhythmic transitions to create the dreary mood. This track will likely be the tune people will be talking about when hear live.

Whereas “Love Song” haunts, “Home Is Where” is the most alluring and breathtaking single on the album. It’s a track that resembles a great drama – a slow-building yet endearing plot and sound. It’s a song that one could easily get lost in. Similarly, “Muscle Memory”, which is an instrumental track, is tantalizing and stunning. It’s a relatively simple tune, but it shows that one simplicity can still be terrific. The song, however, is out of place on the album, probably better placed as the fourth song to acts an interlude between the album’s euphoric opening three songs and the mesmerizing final two.

Notwithstanding this minor issue, Caveboy’s self-titled debut is a terrific introduction. It also signals the potential for something bigger, better, and even more captivating, possibly as grand as Young Galaxy.

Caveboy are Michelle Bensimon (lead vocals, guitar, synth); Isabelle Banos (synth, bass, backing vocals); and Lana Cooney (drums, backing vocals).

Caveboy the EP is out now, and it can be purchased on iTunes (US / Canada).

Website – www.caveboymusic.com
Facebook – Caveboy
Twitter – @caveboymusic
Instagram – @caveboymusic

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