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The Matinee October 27


The Matinee October 27 edition features new music from artists originally from Denmark, Lebanon, Spain, UK, and the USA. A couple of the artists have been featured previously, but there are a handful of new ones, including one who might remind you of a famous redhead, alt-country singer.


Guns – “I Know Exactly How It Feels” (Copenhagen, Denmark)

The latest single from Guns – the project of 24-year old Gunhild Jarwson Teckle – is a blissful, electro-pop track. Built around Teckle’s gentle and almost angelic voice and the lush and ethereal melody, the song immediately grabs your attention. It’s a relatively simple track – no extra bells or whistles, no extended guitar jams, no over-sensationalized beats or electronic effects – yet is entrancing and breathtaking.

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Laura Jean Anderson – “Take Me In” (Los Angeles via Olympia, USA)

If you’re looking for the next Neko Case, then look no further than Laura Jean Anderson. Like the singer-songwriter icon, Anderson hails from beautiful Washington state – Olympia, specifically, which is home to Sleater-Kinney – and her alt-country sound is reminiscent of Case in her earlier years. Vocally, though, Anderson’s voice has a bit of a southern twang to it, which adds to the intimacy of one of her latest singles, “Take Me In”, an immensely beautiful and soulful tune. While her voice doesn’t have Case’s echo, you’re likely to fall in love with its tenderness and Anderson’s intimate touches.

Take a listen to her other single, “Righteous Girl”, which is a more haunting track.

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Jimmy & The Revolvers – “The Morning Paper” (Liverpool, UK)

Sometimes you just need some old-fashion, soulful, rock ‘n roll. Liverpool band Jimmy & The Revolvers provide it in spades. Formed in 2013, the band has evolved into a favourite among Liverpudlians and slowly among BBC. One listen of their latest single, “The Morning Paper”, provides all the evidence one needs to understand why. With great harmonies, an infectious and upbeat melody, and a rip-roaring, crowd-pleasing, hand-clapping sound, this track will be the sunshine on your rainy, autumn day. If a studio recording could make you feel like this, imagine what it would be like live?

Jimmy & The Revolvers are Jay Rehm (vocals, acoustic guitar); Jordan Wright (vocals, bass); Jimmy Moon (electric guitar); and Ash Michael (drums).

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Seven Tin Stars – “Skyline To Reorder” (Gijón, Spain)

Shoegaze is cool once again. We’ve heard from bands in Brazil, Australia, The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, and in many parts of the planet. Spanish duo Seven Tin Stars are one of the more recent acts to arrive with the tantalizing, crystalline guitars. Their new single, “Skyline To Reorder” is dazzling, dreamy track. With a smooth melody and just the right amount of reverb to complement the lush vocals, the song is sublimely smooth and delicate. It radiates with the energy and coolness of DIIV, arguably one of the biggest shoegaze (or dreamgaze) bands out there.

Seven Tin Stars are Pablo Álvarez García and Fernando del Río Alberdi. “Skyline to Reorder” is taken from the duo’s debut album, Goodbye stars (daylight is coming), which can be purchased on their Bandcamp page.

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New Pharaohs – “This Changes Everything” (London, UK via Beirut)

When New Pharaohs, the brainchild of Maya Marie, shared their first song, “Empire”, last month, we were completely swept off our feet with their haunting and stunning sound. In addition, her story fascinated us. Born in Beirut during a time of constant upheaval and instability and later fleeing to Cyprus with her family, “Empire” seemed like a reflection about the people she once knew and the conflict that continues to grip the regime.

On New Pharaohs’ latest single, “This Changes Everything”, which will officially be released on November 13, Marie adopts a more romantic take about a mysterious individual haunting her mind. The storyline, like something out of a James Bond movie, is perfectly complemented by the dark, seductive, and alluring music that is also very 007-ish. With these first two singles, New Pharaohs have released two captivating singles that has fully anticipating their next endeavor, which hopefully will be an album.

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Western Scene – “Believe” (Los Angeles, USA)

We first caught wind of Western Scene last month when they re-shared “See What You Want To”, the lead single from their forthcoming debut EP, which still has yet to be named. The new single from Western Scene is “Believe”, a rousing, cinematic track that possesses a catchy pop refrain yet its foundations are based in indie rock and psychedelia. Like “See What You Want To”, “Believe” is a playful take on dichotomy, where not everything is what it seems and not everything does matter. Listen closely to the contradictions and contrasts in the song.

Western Scene is the project of LA-based Tom Pritchard and Emily Wilder (of Wet & Reckless) and a few close friends.

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