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The Matinee October 28


Today’s Matinee includes six new tracks to get you through your Wednesday. We have tracks mostly from the US, and two from the UK. We have an eclectic mix of indie-electro, indie pop, indie rock and punk inspired rock.

BETABLOCK3R – “Out of Touch” (Los Angeles, USA)

BETABLOCK3R are producers Chris Boulos – Vocals, Production and Ryan George – Guitar, Production and they  broke out onto the scene with the track “In My Head” earlier this year. They are now back with a track titled “Out of Touch”. They have a great formula of beats, vocals along with an emotional connection to the listener. What BETABLOCK3R has offered so far, firmly shows they have what it takes to compete in the indie electronic space. The duo shares a bit about the track. The song was really inspired by this idea of what we think is happiness but is in fact unhealthy attachment. We find these attachments most often between individuals in a relationship but it could be any sort of addiction really. It’s taking you down a path you don’t want to go, but you feel committed to it. People assume their only path to happiness comes from external factors, we expect other people to fulfill us in some way which always leads to some sort of disappointment. We wanted to speak from the viewpoint of someone caught in that moment between understanding they’re on the wrong path but not fully able to let go just yet, which is something we can all relate to at some point.”

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Forever Cult – “Tunnel Vision” (Leeds, UK)

Leeds based trio Forever Cult have recently released “Tunnel Vision” and it’s a pretty awesome grungy-punk inspired track. Forever Cult is comprised of Kieran Clarke, Aaron Snowdon and Alex Greaves. The trio almost has a similar vibe to Eagulls, but their sound is much more approachable and reminds you of something familiar yet new. If you dig Forever Cult like we do, check out some of their downloads and tracks at The song is being released by Too Pure, an indie music collective.

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Future Shapes – “Feel” (California, USA)

Future Shapes are a self-proclaimed – shitwave band from San Francisco, CA. Originally the solo project of Fil Cala, the band has quickly evolved–working together since early 2015 to push their psychedelic-comedown brand of indie-rock around the SF-Bay Area. As of late, the group is back to being Fil Cala and friend, Steven Johnsrude. “Feel” has a psych vibe running throughout and the perfect composition between vocals and chords makes the track enchanting. With Cala’s simplistic vocals it some how makes it feel blissful.

The track is being released by Wave Dweller Records.

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Inspired & The Sleep – “Die Slow” (San Francisco, USA)

We shared “In My Labyrinth Mind” last month and the CA based duo have finally released their EP titled Eyelid Kid. It is a pretty awesome 7 track EP that you can also stream on Soundcloud. One of our other favorite tracks from the EP is titled “Die Slow” and has an upbeat feel yet serious lyrical tone.  The duo is comprised of Max Greenhalgh and Bryce Outcault and their EP release proves that their collective talent crosses multiple genres to please a myriad of music fans alike.

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Lilly Wolf – “Promises & Plans” (New York, USA)

Lilly Wolf was born when two ultranerds met in a Stanford basement and bonded over their mutual love of mathematics and fresh tracks. Lilly and Alex have since released a number of darkly pretty electro-pop songs and played shows all over the country. “Promises and Plans” is a stellar synth pop track that keeps you captivated with Wolf’s awesome vocals. Lilly Wolf has other awesome tracks on SounCloud and you can follow her on all her social channels below.

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The Starkins – “Wasted” (Rotherham, UK)

The Starkins are from Rotherham. Their style reminds a bit of The Crookes whose hometown is nearby in Sheffield. The quartet is comprised of brothers Matt Elliss (guitar) and Jo Elliss (drums), together with Will Campbell (bass) and Andy Daniels (vocals). The Starkins were formed in 2011 and have been producing some upbeat indie-pop-guitar rock. “Wasted” is an upbeat rock track that reels you in along with Daniels’ vocals.  We look forward to hearing more from this up and coming indie rock band.

The single officially drops Friday via Scruff of the Neck Records.

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