Today we have the premiere of “Ideals” by Denny. We shared the track “Boyfriend” by the Minneapolis based trio last month and we are super excited to premiere their newest single.  We were also able to ask Alex a few questions with a quick Q&A while sharing their awesome new track. My favorite thing about DENNY is not only can they create an upbeat indie pop track, their lyrics are meaningful and introspective. Super excited to hear more from this up and coming Minnesota based trio.

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What is the motivation behind the track, “Ideals”?


“Ideals” is about youth. It started with the line “We’re semaphores for splitting quick / We’re schoolyard educated / We’re animals inside the light / I can’t even understand”. I spent a long time wanting to write a nostalgic song about my friends. I find myself chasing nostalgia often, like I’m searching for some unreachable, golden, youthful ideal that never really existed anyway. The chorus goes “Risk my life / Waiting for your path to cross mine / While sorrow’s standing in my street / Where did I become so lost in ideals”. Individually, and as a band, we’ve been through a lot since we met five years ago. We escaped through music and through chasing ideals, even though there we were going through some really hard times. “Ideals” is a big, broad narrative of my life over the past five years.


How long have you guys been playing together?


DENNY has existed since August of this year. We’ve been together as a band (under different names in different lives) since 2010. We met at college and started playing together shortly after. Since then it’s just been the three of us in the studio but we’re a five-piece live. I’ve been writing music in different forms since I was 5 or 6. Mostly ragtime or classical pieces as a child, then I learned blues guitar as a teenager.


All three of us were in a band from 2010-2013. We were signed, released two EPs, dropped out of school and toured the country, played SXSW and CMJ. After that band ended in 2013, we took a year and a half to write, record, rewrite, and then re-record a lot of music for DENNY.


What has been your coolest experience as a band so far?


There’s really nothing cooler than fans. We had our first “fan art” last week. It was a pumpkin with our name on it. How cool is that? Having people tweet the lyrics I’ve written or tweet to their friends about us is neat. Seeing kids adopt DENNY and make this all mean something to them is incredible.


Who is DENNY?


DENNY is made up of me, Alexander Rollins, I sing, play guitar and synth. Jack Vondrachek plays guitar and also engineers and mixes everything. Sully is our drummer and he keeps us in line.


Two cool singles released so far, what is next for DENNY?


We’re wrapping up an EP that we will put out early 2016. Our live debut, SXSW, and some regional shows are on the horizon as well. Talk of a limited 7” has been thrown around, too.


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