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The Matinee November 4


Today’s playlist is includes indie pop rock, synth pop, laid back ambient and awesome singer/songwriter. We hope these six new tracks get you moving during your mid-week work day. We have half of the artists from the US and the others from Australia, Ireland and the UK.

Boom Forest – “Silver Hair” (Nashville via Baraboo, WI, USA)

We were super bummed that we missed Boom Forest at the ACL Festival as he played the first weekend and we were there the for the second weekend. We are patiently awaiting the release of his new sophomore album titled Post Knight Errant which will be out November 6. “Silver Hair” is the first single and it’s a lovely track that proves his talent in the singer-songwriter space. The track finally just posted on Soundcloud so we are sharing it here. Boom Forest is fronted by John Paul Roney who is now based in Nashville by way of Baraboo, Wisconsin.

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Fieu – “Running” (Brisbane, Australia)

Meet Fieu who is a synth pop artist from Brisbane, Australia. “Running” is an upbeat synth pop track that you can’t help moving to. There are many strong female vocalists in the indie-electronic space and Fieu’s vocals are strong and unique which provides a great recipe for success. She released her debut EP Put It On The Line  last year and “Running” is the first track of new material after working with Perth producer Joel Quarterman. I’m sure we will be hearing more from Fieu in the near future.

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Ivy Nations – “The Mile Road” (Dublin, Ireland)

Ivy Nations was formed in Dublin by longtime friends.  Ivy Nations mix indie electronic beats with guitar driven hooks from Afro-pop inspired melodies and rhythms. Their debut EP is in the works and a second single is to be released this month. “The Mile Road” is an upbeat and inviting indie-pop rock track with awesome vocals. Ivy Nations is comprised of JK – Vocals/Bass, DF – Guitar, BS – Guitar/Keys, PD – Drums. We look forward to hearing more from this new emerging band. If you dig “The Mile Road”, you can pick it up over on i-Tunes now.

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Ofelia K – “Hawk Fly Tiger Run” (Los Angeles, USA)

Ofelia K just continues to impress us with each new track she releases. The music continues to have a certain minimalist quality to it and her angelic vocals take the forefront. With “Hawk Fly Tiger Run” she includes a country twang with the inclusion of banjos. With the release of HFTR, Friday brings the full release of her Plastic Flower EP. Ofelia shares a little bit about the track. “HFTR was one of the first songs I made for my EP and it felt like a real turning point musically. It’s always hard for me to describe this song to people…I know there’s a lot going on – Prince funk grooves, banjo twangs, playful guitars and deliberate pop programming, but the song really feels like me and it helped map the course of the rest of the EP.”  You can pre-order Plastic Flower on i-Tunes which will be released Friday on South by Sea Music.

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Party Nails – “No Pressure” (Chatham, NY, USA)

Party Nails is the pop incarnation of songwriter/performer Elana Belle Carroll. Elana’s journey to Party Nails has been a fascinating one: At the age of 11, she was performing original Americana in her small upstate New York town of Chatham. At 15, she was writing country music, and by 18 she’d moved to NYC to write and self produce her first solo project Vernous. After initially cultivating a dark electro sound for Vernous, Elana found herself in Los Angeles, headed down the opposite path, landing sonically in a celebratory indie-pop land. “No Pressure” is a super upbeat indie pop track and would be a perfect summer anthem song but since it’s November and it gets dark at 6pm, we can just spin this track and wish it were still summer. You can download the single (released via WonderSound Records) over on i-Tunes.

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White Royal – “Notice” (Leeds, UK)

White Royal is comprised of Joshua Hobson (vocals), Jonty Brown (drums and percussion) and Thomas Balmforth (electronics). Their hometown is Leeds and they are currently in the works of making new music. They recently released their newest track “Notice” on soundcloud and it is pretty awesome. The vocals are entrancing and the laid back synth track is completely inviting. We definitely look forward to hearing more from White Royal as they are currently working on a new album and new track will be forthcoming.

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