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The Matinee November 5


The Matinee November 5 spins six new (well one is “old) singles. There’s a little of everything. Enjoy!

Atlantic Thrills – “Vices” (Providence, USA)

The Matinee kicks off with a band based in a city that is flourishing with some great indie rock. Atlantic Thrills are based in Providence, Rhode Island, home of bands like Deer Tick, Lightning Bolt, and The Low Anthem. Formed in 2009, the trio of Eric Aguiar, Dan Tanner, and Josh Towers are getting set to release their second album. The lead and title track is “Vices”, an anti-climatic, scuzz-filled, surf-psychedelic rocker. It’s a track that will have you doing power windmills on your air guitar. Frickin’ awesome.

Vices will be released on December 4 via Almost Ready Records.

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Cloves – “Everybody’s Son” (London, UK via Melbourne, Australia)

Cloves, the 19-year old singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia, has one of the most tantalizing and remarkable voices in music. The natural smokiness and sultriness makes her voice unforgettable. Her songwriting, like her voice, is well beyond her age. She writes hard-hitting lyrics like a seasoned musician, focusing on her own experiences and those close to her. Her latest single, “Everybody’s Son”, is another gorgeous and tender alt-folk song, reminiscing about a person who was adored by all.

While the music world’s attention is rightfully fixated on the release of Adele’s third album, people should also be paying attention to Cloves, who could very well be the next great singer-songwriter that people will be queuing endlessly to see her.

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Eerie Wanda – “Volcano Lagoon” (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Burger Records and Dutch Culture USA are collaborating on a cool project – releasing a limited edition cassette of some great bands from The Netherlands, a country that is quietly producing some great musicians. One of the bands on the mixed tape is Eerie Wanda, the project of Marina Tadic who is joined by Jasper Verhulst (bass), Bram Vervaet (lead guitar), and Nic Niggebrugge (drums). Their single, “Volcano Lagoon”, is a dazzling tune that lies somewhere between the lo-fi indie-rock of Velvet Undergound & Nico and the sublime alt-country of Neko Case. And like these great artists, you’ll immediately fall for Eerie Wanda and the stunning voice of Marina Tadic.

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The Outdoor Type – “On My Mind” (Melbourne, Australia)

In listening to “Type On My Mind”, the new single from emerging singer-songwriter Zack Buchanan, a.k.a. The Outdoor Type, two artists come to mind. First is Lou Reed, from the baritone drawl to the catchy, fuzzy rock sound. The second is fellow Melbourne-based artist Courtney Barnett, from the deadpan, spoken-word style to the whimsical songwriting about being broke and dreaming about places that are so far out of reach. Put these two things together and you get one fantastic tune from an artist to watch in 2016.

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Paradise Animals“Monday Morning” (Toronto, Canada)

I don’t know how to describe the new single by Paradise Animals. On the one hand, “Monday Morning” starts off with stuttering synths that is like the beginning of a Devo track. It then dovetails into a catchy indie-pop / synth-pop track that echos of Future Islands. It’s a song that you might overlook at first but then come back to time and time again because there is something inexplicably captivating about the song. And if you like the song, check out the video on their YouTube channel.

“Monday Morning” is the lead single from Paradise Animals’ forthcoming debut LP, Day Bed, which comes out Friday, November 13.

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Smoke Fairies – “Wild Winter” (London, UK)

You may have heard of Smoke Fairies, the project of Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies. They released a single on Third Man Records, which had Jack White playing drums. They’ve toured with Richard Hawley, Brian Ferry, and Laura Marling while also receiving accolades for their performances at CMJ in 2010. But it wasn’t until last year when Smoke Fairies took the next step towards stardom, as their limited edition LP, Wild Winter, sold out despite it being only available at Rough Trade stores.

The album is getting a second life, as Full Time Hobby will release the record to audiences worldwide on November 20th (pre-order it here). It’s not a typical holiday album. As the band explains:

“We have a love/hate relationship with winter and the Christmas holiday. When it was suggested Smoke Fairies make a Christmas album the last thing we wanted to do was make a classic, jolly, celebratory album that can only be played once a year. Sometimes winter provides us with a sense of togetherness and love and sometimes it leaves us feeling alienated, cold and playing a glockenspiel alone in a darkened room. It’s part of the year that will always be bittersweet and wild. This was the inspiration behind the record.” 

To get a taste of what’s on the album, Smoke Fairies have released the title track. Retaining the titillating and alluring vocals of the duo and the hypnotic and haunting melodies, “Wild Winter” will change your view on what a great holiday song should sound like. It shouldn’t just be merry, but it should also move us in unexpected ways, just like opening that one surprise gift on December 25th.

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