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The Matinee November 10


After Hollie shared five great tracks yesterday on the Melodic Tonic, these six songs on The Matinee November 10 are equally as stunning. A few of the artists we have featured previously and there are some new ones to get to know quickly.


Balancer – “Clarity” (New York City, USA via Colombia & Puerto Rico)

Rich has profiled Balancer previously as well as drummer Gabriela Jimeno’s side project, Ela Minus. The New York City-based band, whose members are originally from Colombia and Puerto Rico, have returned with another new single. Whereas their debut album Tipsoo was a kaleidoscope of experimental pop, “Clarity” represents a change of pace for the trio of Francisco Valentín, Jimeno, and Felipe Piedrahita. The single is the band’s coolest and most dazzling single, resonating with the summery indie-pop vibes of Phoenix while adding a touch of Latin flair. 

The band will be starting work on their sophomore album, which is expected sometime in 2016.

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Dahlia Sleeps – “Breathe” (London, UK)

First, credit for sharing this song goes to Laurence Buisson, our friend from Paris who also has a great music blog called à l’écoute.

In a year where we’ve been introduced to a number of remarkable voices (Cloves, Bitter’s Kiss, Esther Joy Lane, Emily Cross of Cross Record to name a few), we’ve now been starstruck by another band with a great vocalist. Based out of London, Dahlia Sleeps, composed of Lucy Hill and Luke Hester, have released their absolutely stunning and breathtaking debut single, “Breathe”. Reminiscent of the haunting electro-pop of London Grammar and the dark intimacy of Daughter, the track leaves chills down your spine. And to think, this is a demo.

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Electrets – “Try” (Los Angeles, USA)

O.K., so Electrets track “Try” is a cover of pop singer Colbie Caillat’s hit single. And yes, we save covers for Thursdays, but this version was too good to pass up. The garage-pop / punk-pop band from Los Angeles add some much needed spunk and attitude to the track while retaining the catchiness of the original single. So instead of wanting to bop around, Electrets’ version may make you want to mosh or at the very least lose control. This song is a great introduction to a band who could be the female equivalent of Wavves.

Electrets are Tiff (guitar, vocals); Steph (bass, vocals); Hannah (keys, vocals, percussion); and Andrea (drums).

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Many Rooms – “Hollow Body” (Houston, USA)

Speaking of stunning singles by emerging singer-songwriters, “Hollow Body” is by Brianna Hunt – a.k.a. Many Rooms – is one that must be heard. With a lo-fi sound that is both haunting and endearing, it feels like Hunt is sitting right in front of you sharing her story of love, loss, and confusion. The Indiana native now Houston resident has been compared to Daughter, Mazzy Starr, and Damien Rice, and you could probably mention her name alongside Sharon Van Etten, TORRES, and Waxahatchee.

“Hollow Body” is the lead single from Many Rooms’ forthcoming new album by the same name. It’s expected to drop early in December via Other People Records.

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PWRHAUS – “How I Feel About You” (Portland, USA)

If New York City’s The Antlers made lo-fi indie music made it cool, then Portland’s PWRHAUS are helping to perfect it with their gorgeous and memorable single, “How I Feel About You”. With the crooning vocals, the slow-burning pace, and soulful, indie-rock sound, the ensemble’s debut may cause one’s heart to skip a beat or two. The song gets better and better with each listen.

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Sundara Karma ft. Marika Hackman – “Prisons To Purify” (Reading & London, UK)

We’ve created a list of our “dream pairings” not long ago, and if we had to do it again Sundara Karma and Marika Hackman likely would have been on it. Throughout the year, Sundara Karma have released some awesome singles, including “Flame”, which is one of my favourite tracks of the year. Marika Hackman, meanwhile, released a stunning and captivating debut album, We Slept At Last

The two UK-based artists have teamed up to release “Prisons to Purify”. From the hallow electronic beats to Hackman’s haunting voice that is given an ephemeral quality to Sundara Karma frontman Oscar Lulu’s edgy vocals, the track is bone-chilling yet feels post-apocalyptic. The vibe matches the story of two lovers falling further and further apart yet one cannot completely let go. The song is edgy, stunning, and jaw-dropping mesmerizing.

“Prisons to Purify” is the lead track from Sundara Karma’s forthcoming new EP, EP II, which should drop early in 2016.

Sundara Karma Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Marika HackmanWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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