Jay Woodward ‘Blue Sky Blue’

Jay WoodwardJay Woodward is a singer songwriter who contacted me on Twitter and very kindly sent me some of his music. At first what stood out to me about Jay’s music was the relaxing melody, but when I listened to the song a few times I noticed the meaningful lyrics. Jay’s songs are based on his real life experiences of death, bereavement and grief and so the words are very poetic and deep. His vocal style is distinctive – intimate with an overlay of blues on a backdrop of folk. I found myself leaning in to listen more, absorbed by the mood.

Here’s Jay singing ‘Blue Sky Blue’ for you to listen to while you find out a bit more about him:

Jay’s album, titled Good Grief, was released a few weeks ago – you can buy it here., It can best be described as a musical journey similar to the story arc within a movie, with strongly emotional tracks contrasting with more subtle, understated songs. They all flow together eloquently to create one overall piece. It truly reveals Jay’s artistic vision.

Finally, here is Jay’s advice for anyone who is just starting out with music:

‘Stay true to your sound. Don’t let others dictate it for you.’

You can find out more about Jay on his website. or on his Facebook page

And if you click here you can get a FREE download of Blue Sky Blue from Angry Baby.

Flo xx

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