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Melodic Tonic, vol. 25


All of us at The Revue believe in the restorative power of music to comfort and heal. Today we are taking a break from the usual upbeat fare to share some songs that were released last Friday that may not have received the proper fanfare they deserve. These tunes express our reflective mood as we stand in solidarity with all music fans across the globe. We begin this week’s Melodic Tonic fittingly with a new song from a young French composer.

Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch – “Scale of Volatility” (London, UK / Bordeaux, FR)

London-based French film composer Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch released her debut album on Friday. While this column doesn’t typically feature classical music, we could not pass on an opportunity to share this talented artist’s work. With her formal training in composition at Goldsmiths and her ability to combine classical with modern electronic and pop, Levienaise-Farrouch is a calming breath of fresh air. She creates her ambient soundscapes with the delicate, graceful touch one expects from a pianist, yet the result is so much more than just simple piano music. It’s evocative, cathartic, and beautiful.

Her debut album, Like Water Through the Sand, released Friday on Fat Cat Records’ Modern Classical division, 130701 Records. It is available on iTunes.

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The Besnard Lakes – “The Motorway” (Montreal, Canada)

There’s good news aplenty from Montreal’s The Besnard Lakes: they released a new 12” EP, Golden Lion, last Friday on Jagjaguwar, and they confirmed on Twitter their plans to go ahead with their show this week in Paris. They’re also still on schedule to deliver their upcoming fourth album, A Coliseum Complex Museum, in January.

This track, a B-side from The Golden Lion, begins subtly then surges with bold, sweeping layers. Its rich warmth leaves us even more excited to hear the full album next year. The EP is available from iTunes and the Jagjaguwar online store.

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Lanterns on the Lake – “Through the Cellar Door” (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK)

Another album that released last Friday was Beings, the latest from Newcastle indie rock quartet Lanterns on the Lake. Beings is a follow-up to their 2013 album Until The Colours Run, and this first single is just as lush and vibrant as their previous works. Lead singer Hazel Wilde’s soft, ethereal vocals temper nicely with the reverb-heavy guitars, producing a perfectly balanced effect.

The album, on the Bella Union label, is available from the band’s online store, Amazon, and iTunes. The band kicks off a European tour at the end of November in Wales.

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Your Friend. – “Heathering” (Lawrence, Kansas, USA)

Your Friend. is the moniker of American singer/songwriter Taryn Blake Miller of Lawrence, Kansas. Her full-length debut album, Gumption, is out January 29 via Domino Records, and today we’re sharing the first single. It’s a stirring number with atmospheric layers that yield a moody vibe. She recorded it with producer Nicolas Vernhes (who previously worked with Deerhunter and The War on Drugs) in Brooklyn. Miller has been in Paris since she played the Red Bull Music Academy a few weeks ago and will perform there again later this month. From there she has three shows in London and Amsterdam in early December. The album is available for pre-order from the Domino online store and iTunes.

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MASZER – “Passers By” (Seattle, USA)

This summer on The Revue we featured a song from Seattle band MASZER, and today seems like a perfect time to share another. The gentleness of “Passers By” is a reminder that all of us find solace in music. KT Black’s voice on the opening line – “Would you feel a little better if I stay here with you tonight?” – seems especially soothing to anyone who’s found comfort in a friend, a stranger, or even a song. You can find the track on MASZER’s Bandcamp page. It will be featured on their debut EP, Spread Eagle, due out next month.

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