director: Juan Pablo Buscarini

Warning: this is a silly, tangent-loving, art deco carnival family film that Disney used to crank out before Walt became a popsicle. Meaning kids with a short attention span will dig it, and stuffy adults should revert to their carefree days and just go with it.

There’s a helluva lotta colourful crap crammed into this bursting bit of celluloid, leaving very little time for contemplation, which is fine, cuz the ride is the joy here. The crazy plot involves board game inventors, balloon rides, sinking schools, an invisible girl, and of course Ed Asner.

Creating whimsical magic worlds can go horribly wrong, but “The Games Maker” is smart enough to keep the action moving fast enough to distract from gaping plot holes, and enhanced with a cool retro vibe, it is a wonderful feast for the eyes.


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