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The Matinee November 17


It’s been a somber few days, and yesterday Hollie shared music to reflect the mood of not just us here at The Revue but being felt everywhere. For the Matinee November 17 edition, though, we’ll pick this up a little bit with some really stirring and sublime singles from a couple of familiar names and others you really, really ought to know.


The Goldhearts – “Here’s the Thing” (Gold Coast, Australia)

Get to know Australia’s The Goldhearts because here is a band that is reviving the power pop-rock of the ’90s. Their second single, “Here’s the Thing, is awesome. The track swaggers with a gritty pop-rock zeal while oozing with stirring harmonies. As a result, on the one hand, you’ll be banging your head to the blistering rock rifts while being lost in the soothing vocals of frontwoman Margy Joughin. For Canadian indie music fans, think Beaches and Silvergun & Spleen, but more broadly speaking The Joy Formidable.

“Here’s the Thing” is the second single from the band’s forthcoming, yet-to-be-named, debut album. It will be released in early 2016 by The A&R Department.

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LP – “Lost On You” (Los Angeles, USA)

Laura Pergolizzi – a.k.a. LP – has been a star for years, just that many didn’t know it at the time. Despite having been involved in music at an early age and wowing audiences during the 2006 edition of South by Southwest, LP’s greatest successes were as a songwriter, writing songs for Rihanna and Christina Aguilera. It wasn’t until 2014 when she broke through as a solo artist with the critically acclaimed Forever for Now, which was released by Warner Bros. Records.

LP is getting set to release her new album, moving over super indie label Vagrant Records. The second single is “Lost on You”. With the full string section combined with the rhythmic acoustic guitar and the hallowing whistle in the background, the song has a Spaghetti Western feel. In addition, the song, which describes the end of a relationship, demonstrates Pergolizzi’s talent for creating cinematic dramas with her lyrics and sound. Don’t be surprised if “Lost On You” will be used on a television show or in a movie because it is superbly stunning.

The yet-to-be-named new album is expected early in 2016. You can also hear the lead single, “Muddy Waters”, here.

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The She’s – “Cherry Red” (San Francisco, USA)

There’s always a place for bubble-gum, surf-pop, especially as catchy as The She’s new single, “Cherry Red”. Reminiscent of The Shangri-Las‘ boppy pop music and melodramatic stories, The Vaselines‘ jangly sound, and the kiss-off attitude of Dum Dum Girls, The She’s have crafted a song that respects the coolness of ’60s-era pop music while adding a contemporary, groovy twist. Grease up your hair, tuck in the white shirt, or toss on the checkered skirt and get moving to this sublime track.

“Cherry Red” is part of a split single with fellow San Francisco band Dry Spells. It’ll be available Friday, November 20 via Empty Cellar Records.

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Sonya Kitchell – “Mexico (ft. Cellist Gyda Valtysdottir of MUM)” (New York City, USA)

You might remember the name Sonya Kitchell. In 2004 at 15 years old, she signed with Velour Records and released the critically acclaimed Words Came Back to Me. That same year, she was named the second “Starbucks Artist to Hear”, which further brightened her star. She released in 2008 her sophomore album, The Storm, to further acclaim. Along with Joss Stone, Kitchell was helping to revive the soul-pop / folk-pop genre.

But instead of continuing to release records, Kitchell took a hiatus, although occasionally working on a music project or releasin the odd track. The now 26-year old singer-songwriter is back and preparing for the launch of her third album, We Come Apart. The lead track is “Mexico”, which retains some of the soul-pop sound of Kitchell’s previous music, but the song is much more than that. It is an auditory delight with its expansive and cinematic soundscape, the haunting allure of Kitchell’s unique voice, and the hallowing echo provided by Gyda Valtysdottir, the singer and cellist of Iceland’s orchestral-pop band Múm. The song represents a new chapter in Kitchell’s career, one that follows the paths of Julia Holter and Laura Marling.

We Come Apart arrives in January 22, 2016 via Rockwood Music Hall Recordings and Thirty Tigers.

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Sun Machine – “The Loudest of Them” (Brighton/London, UK)

The UK has no shortage of buzz bands, a couple of whom made it big this year, such as Wolf Alice and Royal Blood. Possibly the next big thing is Sun Machine. Originally from Brighton but now based out of London, Sun Machine’s latest single, “The Loudest of Them”, combines the psychedelic pop of Temples with the cosmic soundscapes of early Tame Impala. The result is a track that will grabs your attention with its cool and infectious melodies yet at the same time makes you feel you’re free-falling down the rabbit hole. This formula should equate to big success down the road for the DIY band.

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Wyldest – “Dark Matter” (North London, UK)

Back in May, we shared a couple of tracks from North London-based trio Wyldest, who stunned us with their stirring brand of dream pop. The trio return with a new single, “Dark Matter”, which is even more stunning than their previous songs. With an extra dash of shoegaze, the familiar lush melodies, the awesome instrumental transition, and not to mention the stirring vocals of Zoe Mead, “Dark Matter” is one of the most dazzling psych-pop songs of the year. It might lead you to playing the song over and over in your head. Simply marvelous!

Wyldest are Zoe Mead, Holly Mullineaux, and Jack Gooderham. “Dark Matter” is the title track of the band’s forthcoming, debut EP, which will be released early in 2016 via Hand in Hive.

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