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The Matinee November 18


The Matinee November 18 includes six new tracks for your listening pleasure with a nice showing of indie rock, electro pop along with some psych and beat driven tracks. We have most of the bands from the US today, but also a showing from the UK and Australia.

Apollos – “Violet” (Minneapolis, USA)

Apollos are a four piece alternative/post rock/ambient band based out of Minneapolis, MN. The project began in early 2012. The band has always stemmed from being experimental and creating multiple layers of sound. Musical influences range from Brand New, Tycho, Sigur Rós to Coldplay and M83. “Violet” is the title track off of the new EP of the same name. Apollos is comprised of Seth Bostrom (Vocals, Guitars, Programming), Jake Larson (Guitars, Vocals, Programming), and Kevin Berens (Drums). “Violet” reminds a bit of early Angels & Airwaves. The song has the perfect amount of electronic elements blended with indie rock which makes it inviting and a song that can attract a wide audience. Keep an eye out for their EP Violet which will be released November 24.

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Avers – “Don’t Wanna Lose You” (Richmond, VA, USA)

Avers was one of our favorite live sets from ACL of this year and we are excited to hear new material. “Don’t Wanna Lose You” is third in a collection of demos the band is sharing called Wasted Tracks. The songs were recorded during a coastal Carolina writing retreat. “Don’t Wanna Lose You” is a great track with awesome psych vibes and keys. The vocals are strong and lyrically tells the story of any relationship whether it’s good or bad, you just don’t want to be alone.

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Carvell – “Sway” (Bristol, UK)

Not a whole lot is known about Carvell. What we can figure from their social media outlets is that the band is new, there are four lads in the band and they have a debut single titled “Sway”. The track has a familiar and classic guitar sound but is fresh and new for today. The vocals are strong and inviting and we really look forward to hearing more from this brand new Bristol-based band. The track is released by Talking Shop Records.

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The Electric Sons feat. Scavenger Hunt – “Reappear” (Atlanta & Los Angeles, USA)

The Electric Sons are from Atlanta, GA and they are creating some pretty awesome indie-electro pop. They just released a new EP titled Golden Age which is a solid 6 track EP. “Reappear” feat. LA-based Scavenger Hunt is a stellar track off the EP that we wanted to share. The Electric Sons are Andrew Miller (Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar),  Ben Richards (Keys/Backup Vocals) and Chris Zeigler (Bass). Scavenger Hunt is Jill Lamoureux (vocals), Dan Mufson (bass and keys), Nick Annis (guitar), and Aaron Prather (drums and percussion). The dual vocals on “Reappear” are pretty perfect and the track is ambient and awesome. You can actually download it free on soundcloud. Check out both The Electric Sons and Scavenger Hunt if you aren’t familiar.

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KAPTAN – “Way Out” (Nashville, USA)

Nashville-based KAPTAN (Andres Gaos) has just released another track titled “Way Out”. It is a feel good shimmery track and adds to his other recent releases. Gaos shares a bit about the track: “This was literally the very first song I wrote for this project. I wrote and recorded the demo in one evening and immediately felt a connection to this particular sound. I eventually went back in to re-record some of the parts with my friend Brandon Metcalf and got additional help on production by our good friend Jakub Vanyo of Nonaphoenix. The song itself carries a lot of personal meaning for me and is just a good reminder that our lives are what we make them to be and to continue moving forward even when life gets difficult.” – KAPTAN

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YesYou – “Be Mine” (Brisbane, Australia)

YesYou is from Brisbane and the duo has just released “Be Mine” which is a follow up from their well received electronic track “Through Your Eyes”. “Be Mine” reminds me of growing up and something you would have jammed in high school and shared with all of your friends because it was new and different and awesome. The duo share a bit about upcoming material: “We’ve been sitting on a stash of unreleased tracks for a while now and have recently felt an urge to share some new material ahead of our next major release. We’ve been taking a much more relaxed approach to writing while working on this record. We want everyone to get a feel for that as well”. – Gav  & Jono. They will have their debut album released sometime next year.

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