director: Donato Rotunno   
Luxembourg, 2015, 90 minutes   
Friday, November 20, 7pm   
ByTowne Cinema, 325 Rideau Street   

30th European Union Film Festival   

The kids are not alright.
“Baby(a)lone” is an unsettling primer about disenfranchised youth dealing (poorly) with contemporary first world problems. It is also a very good looking piece of cinema.
Like a kiddie version of Bonnie and Clyde, the story deals with early teeners struggling through life whilst adults insist they behave as innocent children. A laughable impossibility in today’s times.
The kids strike out on their own in an “us against the world” salvo, which of course, is unsustainable. The short adventure is full of life – some good and plenty bad – and that is their goal. There is smoking, drinking, driving, fooling around, and violence. The violence ranges from pillow fights to lead pipes. Kids being kids. Kids being adults.
“Baby(a)lone” has plenty of layers brimming under the major plot line. The unnamed boy appears to have a split personality, acting up at the urging of his nasty self, the wise allecky Johnny who has a large X on his hoodie. In the end it becomes a bit of a mystery as to exactly who he is running from.
This is Luxembourg’s entry for the Oscar race, one helluva stylish film, and the introduction of a dazzling actress in Charlotte Elsen as the hypnotizing Shirley.


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