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The Matinee November 25


Today we have 6 new tracks for your pre-holiday playlist. We hope you find something you like we have awesome indie rock, new wave electro pop, and shimmery indie pop. The US has three artists today with two from Australia and one from Canada.


FMLYBND – “Gold Necklace” (Santa Barbara, CA, USA)

Link to the audio (we are working to get the code) –

Back in May, we featured FMLYBND, who at the time released a new spin on grunge and alternative rock with “Save Me from Myself”. The quartet from Santa Barbara, California head in a new direction with their latest single, “Gold Necklace”. A pounding, bass-driven, electro-pop track, the song has the blaring and infectious quality of Walk Off The Earth. The song is the lead single from the band’s forthcoming EP, Hearts On Fire, due in January 2016. Expect FMLYBND to be one of the new year’s breakout artists.

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Haunt – “Slow” (Los Angeles, USA)

We know Haunt is a duo and that they are making some pretty great new wave-ish electro pop.They have a lot of awesome tracks on Soundcloud and “Slow” is off of their  latest EP release, So Far which is available on Bandcamp.

The duo is comprised of Victor Pakpour and Wyatt Ininns. They have more things to come in 2016 and we look forward to hearing more from this awesome electronic duo.

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The Post – “Easy Way Out” (Melbourne, Australia)

Meet The Post, a quartet from Melbourne making ’00s-style alternative rock. Only formed a year ago by brothers Ryan and Dean and childhood friends Jay and Kalby, the band has already made huge waves Down Under. Just coming off their first tour, The Post has released “Easy Way Out”, which is a reflection of the challenges we all battle but often deal with them through avoidance. The song might remind you of the style of Fall Out Boy.

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PRICKLE – “Tell Me Why” (Melbourne, Australia)

PRICKLE is only 17-year old Emily Wilson from Melbourne yet she is creating mesmerizing tracks with her inviting and unique vocals which go well beyond her years. ‘Tell Me Why,’ is her first single. It is a study of contrasting personalities and the thoughts that follow. The honest vocals engage a story telling voice speaking to the listener in conversational style. Initially sketched out with a laid back acoustic feel, the song has now adopted a garage rock 60’s mood with a strong rhythm section and drive.

We expect to hear more from PRICKLE in 2016. If you dig Neko Case or Jenny Lewis, PRICKLE is for you.

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Rah Rah – “Fix Me” (Regina, SK, Canada)

Rah Rah has recently released their LP, Vessels and it is an impressive showing from this Regina based band. They have a great range of different sounds and styles throughout their newest LP release. We are sharing Fix Me as we are digging the female vocals on this one.

Their different in songs is much attributed to the male/female change in vocals and they have a nice range of different styles and influences. Definitely check out their new EP if you dig “Fix Me”. Rah Rah is comprised of Erin Passmore, Kristina Hedlund, Joel Passmore, Marshall Burns and Jeffrey Romanyk. Their latest release is on Devilduck Records.

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Sunbathers – “Intimacy” (Baltimore / Washington D.C., USA)

Sunbathers are creating some awesome indie-pop-rock out of the Baltimore/DC area. “Intimacy” is their title track from their newest self-titled EP release. The five track EP offers up awesome vocals which is the most inviting part of the EP yet a few tracks also show great range and diversity from this emerging band.

Sunbathers are comprised of Sean Lynott (Vocals/Synth) Peter Mindnich (Guitar/Vocals) Tim Boate (Guitar) Sean Oliver (Bass), and Shohsei Oda (Drums). You can download their EP over on bandcamp. Keep an eye of this band, they have Walk The Moon breakout potential.

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