Helen Connelly may be tiny (at only 4ft 10 she’s a lot shorter than me!), but she has a big voice. She is often asked, “Where does that voice come from?”, after performing live.

In listening to her music, the first thing I noticed was her distinctive and unusual voice. I am always drawn to individuality. I like to listen to people who are unmistakably themselves and Helen definitely falls into this category.

Helen’s original songs tell stories, and not always happy and comfortable ones. But there is a relaxed style to the music that is almost hypnotic, drawing you in until you hum along as though you have known them all your life.

Here’s a video of Helen’s song ‘Brushing Off The Dust’ so you can see and hear her perform. I’m sure this will make you want to add a bit of Helen to your music collection, so click here to get a free download of her song Live a Lie:

Helen grew up with music loving parents who listened to an eclectic mix of genres. This has rubbed off on Helen and comes through in her own music, although her main influences when songwriting are blues and jazz. Like many songwriters, when Helen writes it’s an outlet for her to express feelings, thoughts and perhaps frustrations which are personal to her, which listeners may be able to relate to. She admits that she is probably more honest and frank in her songwriting than she is about her feelings in everyday life.

At the moment Helen is busy working on her next EP/possible album which she hopes to release sometime next year, so she’s writing and recording in the studio, working on new original projects.

Finally, here is Helen’s advice for anyone who is just starting out with music:

‘Go to open mics to gain experience and meet fellow singers and musicians. Competitions can be great platforms and also a good networking opportunity. Networking is very important. Learn about the industry, never give up and always believe in yourself. It’s a journey, not a race. Don’t rush, take your time and don’t be afraid to invest in yourself. You’ll have lots of fun and meet awesome like-minded people.’

You can find out more about Helen on her website, Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram, including upcoming releases and tour dates.

Flo xx

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Helen Connelly

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