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The Matinee November 27


Today’s November 27 Matinee will kick your weekend off right. We have a little bit of new wave, dream pop, psych rock and really great indie rock for today’s playlist.We have two acts from the UK, one from Scotland and the rest from the US.

Dead Boy Robotics – “Echo” (Edinburg, Scotland)

deadboyDead Boy Robotics is out of Edinburg, Scotland and they have recently released a new album. “Echo” is an awesome track from the LP titled New Cells.

“Echo” brings some of the best darkpop from the 80s yet keeps it fresh for today. Dead Boy Robotics is comprised of Gregor McMillan, Mike Bryant, and Paul Bannon.

New Cells in out now via Brothers Grimm and available to buy on iTunes. A limited edition colour vinyl will be available in 2016.


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Fairchild – “Breathless” (Manchester, UK)

fairchildFAIRCHILD seems to be releasing some really awesome indie rock gems as of late. We have shared their awesome music before. We are happy to hear a new track titled “Breathless” and the original Australian rockers have settled nicely in the UK.

“Breathless” is a melodic indie rock track. The chorus, synth and beats give it a sort of dark edgy vibe that holds fast your attention. The six member band is working on new material and we will be hearing more from this emerging band. FAIRCHILD is comprised of Adam Lyons – Vocals, Nathan Lyons – Keyboard, Tim Voeten – Guitar, Patrick Huerto – Guitar, Tommy Davies – Bass, and James Alexander – Drums.

If you dig Fairchild, you can find their music for sale on iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic.

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MAINLAND – “A Bit Out of Time” (New York, NY USA)

mainlandMAINLAND is great at composing those memorable and poppy tracks that sometimes force you to hit repeat. “A Bit Out of Time” is one of those tracks. We have a little back story as well about the track from frontman Jordan: “A Bit Out of Time’ is about losing someone. Displacement, loneliness, loss of the most important people in your life and not knowing how to cope with pain. Only being left to your own devices and your guitar to shine a light when it gets dark.”

MAINLAND is comprised of Jordan Topf, Corey Mullee and Alex Pitta. Be on the lookout for their debut album which will be out early next year.

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TEN FÉ – “In The Air” (London, UK)

tenfeTEN FÉ is from London and they are creating some great indie-pop rock with a super laid back almost War on Drugs vibe. “In The Air” is a great track that speaks to recovering from loss and pain. Ben Moorhouse’s and Leo Duncan’s interwoven vocal, guitar and synth lines create a lush bed of harmony throughout the track. The duo tours live with the addition of members Rob and Luca.

The band is currently working on their debut album, and we look forward to hearing more from this emerging band.

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Tide Up – “Heartbeat”  (Orlando, FL USA)

tideupTide Up is from Orlando and they are creating some awesome dreamy electro pop. “Heartbeat” has the perfect amount of strong and sweet vocals complimented with a nice background of synth and beats and laid back guitar.

Tide Up is comprised of duo Noelle Indovino – Lyricist/Vocals and Ben Guzman – Producer/ Guitarist/Synths/Bass/Drums/Vocals. They work together well with complimenting and chill vocals to create awesome chillwave tracks. Heartbeat is off of their upcoming EP titled Memories. Be on the look out for more from Tide Up.


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Val Hollie – “Siberian Summer” (New Orleans, LA USA)

valhollieValhollie is an rock band out of New Orleans and one of their newest tracks is titled “Siberian Summer” and it is awesome psych rock. The Val Hollie EP was recently released this month and “Siberian Summer” is from the new EP. The EP is a diverse collection of great indie rock bordering on rock-pop with a few psych influences like on “Siberian Summer.”

The live line up according to their facebook page is andilands – guitar/bari guitar, tyler – synth,
dex – bass, ev – drums, pc – guitar, vox. We are intrigued by this talented band and look forward to hearing more from Val Hollie.


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