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The Matinee December 1


It’s the first day of December, which will bring a lot of people immense joy knowing the holiday season is right around the corner while others may be frowning at the thought of cold weather, shoveling snow, and beating the crowds while shopping for gifts. Whatever your mood may be, The Matinee December 1 edition will hopefully put you in a positive state of mind. We have six next tracks from some previously featured artists and some new ones.

Brilliant Beast – “Like Dreaming” (Minneapolis, USA)

Brilliant Beast - Like DreamingThere’s nothing like a great shoegaze track to start the day. The combination of fuzzy and crystalline guitars, lush vocals, and a stargazing sound always puts a smile on our faces here. When shoegaze meets the earthy indie-rock created by bands like Besnard Lakes, then you have something truly special and brilliant, which perfectly describes newcomers Brilliant Beast. The quartet from Minneapolis, Minnesota released their debut album, Dissolve, in early November, and the second song from the record is the scintillating and window-shaking “Like Dreaming” (free download if you click on the SoundCloud audio above). The entire album is pretty great, and it’s worth a listen for fans who like their shoegaze with an indie-rock edge.

Brilliant Beast are Hannah Porter (guitar, lead vocals); Jordan Porter (guitar, vocals); Mark N Kartarik (bass); and Eric Whalen (drums).

Hear Dissolve in its entirety on SoundCloud or pick a copy via Bandcamp (see below), iTunes (US | CAN), Amazon, or eMusic.

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Connie Constance – “Answer” (London, UK)

Connie Constance - AnswerBack in September, Connie Constance blew us away with the tender but breathtaking “Euphoric”, which was released as part of her debut EP, In The Grass. She returns with another fantastic single, “Answer”. With producer Blue Daisy providing the beats, Constance weaves a tail about that one person we all – that individual who tends to have all the answers to everything, sometimes for better or for worse. Her raw yet intimate voice provides the perfect medium to articulate the feelings that many of us feel when surrounded by such a person. The song also highlights the 20-year old’s honest songwriting style. There are no silly analogies, just poignant lyrics that describe Constance’s thoughts.

If there is a singer-songwriter to compare Constance to, it would probably be the great Neneh Cherry.

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ESCAPISTS – “Pyramid Scheme” (London, UK)

ESCAPISTS - Pyramid SchemeLondon’s ESCAPISTS have only released three singles this year, and each one has been a wildly infectious track. “Pyramid Scheme” follows “Eat You Alive” and “What Are You Waiting For” – indie-rock tunes that are filled with catchy guitar hooks, soaring melodies, and an abundance of energy. The current single has a driving guitar sound that is broken up brilliantly by a stuttering bridge. It’s difficult to compare this band, but their sense of drama is equivalent to that of Sundara Karma, another indie-rock band from the UK that similarly has a huge future in front of them. Hopefully, ESCAPISTS will have an EP or an LP in 2016. If so, don’t be surprised to hear them playing on your local radio stations and everyone saying they “discovered” them.

ESCAPISTS are Simon Glancy, Oli Court, Max Perryment, and Andy Walsh. This is a band to watch.

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Misun – “Give It Up” (Washington, D.C., USA)

Misun - Give It UpIt’s been a while since we’ve heard from Misun, one of our favorite acts and who had one of our favorite albums of 2014. They did release an EP earlier this year, Feel Better, which was an extension of their classic Superstitions. Just yesterday, they released another great track, “Give It Up”, which has a summery feel. It’s not as anthemic as their previous efforts, but it retains that cool and easy-going feel for which Misun has become known. The little dabbles of electronic beats coupled with the strumming of an acoustic guitar gives the sense that the weather outside is sunny and warm, where we’re sitting around a fire on the beach. Yet the lyrics sung by frontwoman Misun Wojcik are anything but sunny. Rather, her story is one of heartbreak. You wouldn’t quite know it, however, due to the lovely melody and Wojcik’s unique and captivating voice.

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Tangerines – “Skin Dives” (London, UK)

Tangerines - Skin DivesWhat would The Velvet Underground sound like if Bob Dylan instead of Lou Reed front the iconic band? They would probably sound a lot like Tangerines, an garage-rock / indie-rock quartet from London. Like so many bands, the quartet were born out of the shed of frontman Garth Hoskins’ parents’ home. Maybe his parents were classic rock fans because Tangerines’ debut single, “Skin Dives”, is unbridled ’70s rock. It’s an awesome head knocker of a track that recalls the greatest era in rock music. Hoskins’ voice truly resonates with a young Dylan, especially the exaggerated crooning. You might find yourself hitting repeat to “Skin Dives”.

The single is out via RIP Records.

Tangerines are Gareth Hoskins (vocals, guitar); Miles Pretia (guitar); Isaac Robson (drums); and Ricky Clark (bass).



VUM – “Katrine” (California City, US)

VUM - KatrineThe last single on The Matinee isn’t exactly a brand new track; however, it deserves more attention than it has been given. This past spring, California trio VUM released “Katrine”, which actually was recorded nearly a year ago. “Katrine” is a haunting, chilling, electro-psychedelic track. It is completely immersive and mesmerizing, where the rhythmic beats and humming keys create the dark suspense while frontwoman J. Pearl’s voice brings the song to life. .

Check out the band’s SoundCloud and Bandcamp pages to hear (and purchase) VUM’s music and get lost in their pop-noir.

VUM are J. Pearl, C. Badger, and S. Spaulding.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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