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The Matinee December 4


The Matinee December 4 includes six awesome new tracks to get your weekend started. We have six new tracks ranging from folk/americana, singer-songwriter, psych rock, and good old indie rock. We have half of the tracks coming from US based bands and the rest from the UK and The Netherlands.

Benedict Benjamin – “My Feet Have No Need For The Ground” (London, UK)

Benedict Benjamin - My Feet Have No Need For The GroundBenedict Benjamin are actually two guys – Ben Rubinstein (vocals, guitar, piano) and Dan Blackett (drums), and they’re not exactly a garage-rock band.

“My Feet Have No Need For The Ground” is a great track that frames Rubinstein’s vocals well and has a dreamlike quality throughout. His upcoming EP, Night Songs come from a period when Rubinstein spent living nocturnally, battling insomnia using the most gnarly sleep supplements available and working nights. He shares a  bit behind the EP: ‘I’d finish work around 1 to 3 am most of the time and walk home through the broken glass on the pavement. There’s a lot of duality about that time. It’s ominous and lonely but it’s cinematic and kind of magical too. I wanted to channel that into a set of songs’.

There is a magical quality about the music of Benedict Benjamin that keeps you waiting for more. The EP was recorded in a series of churches, bedrooms and kitchens across London and Kent.

Benedict Benjamin’s forthcoming, debut album, Night Songs drops March 25th via Sugarcoat Records.

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Boroughs – “Stay With Me” (Los Angeles, USA)

Boroughs - Stay With MeBoroughs are Kyle Neal (vocals, guitar), Derrick Wong (bass), J David Carrera (guitar), and Tyler Johnson (drums). “Stay With Me” is from the forthcoming debut EP, which should drop soon. Follow this space for more new music from the Southern California quartet.

Boroughs is creating the perfect blend of country rock, gritty folk and soulful Americana. If you are a Wilco fan, you definitely need to check out Boroughs. “Stay With Me” just brings you in with Neal’s emotional lyrics like “I can’t seem to find the words to tell you what I mean, so just stay with me”.

Neal shares a bit about the upcoming EP: “The EP is inspired by me having a brain that isn’t always happy, altering my state to try to cope with that, making dumb decisions, regretting said decisions and then altering my state to cope.”

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Passion Falls – “The Greatest Adventure” (Manchester, UK)

Passion Falls - The Greatest Adventure“The Greatest Adventure” is the lead single and title track from the band’s forthcoming, debut EP, which drops February 19 via MUK Records.

Passion Falls’ debut track is sweetly constructed alt indie pop woven with synth beats reminiscent of Depeche Mode or early Simple Minds. Frontman Holland holds your attention with his inviting vocals and heartfelt lyrics. We look forward to hearing more from this emerging and talented band.

Passion Falls are Jonny Holland, Stu Winnington, Jordan Hunstone, and Joss Croasdal.

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Plum – “Light Years, Dark Years” (Denver, USA)

Plum - Light Years, Dark YearsWe kind of wonder what happened to Plum, as we had shared “Behind Your Man” back in March.

If you dig psych rock and you want to satisfy your craving, Plum is for you. The Denver based band is melding the perfect mix of 60s psych vibes reminiscent of Cream, but with a modern rock twist to remind you this is a current band and not something from your Dad’s old record collection. “Light Years, Dark Years” is a great track with velvety vocals and killer guitar riffs.

“Light Years, Dark Years” is the lead single and title track from the band’s forthcoming EP, which comes out next Friday, December 11th.

Plum is comprised of Kyle Miller (vocals, lead guitar), Jake Supple, (vocals, bass, drums), Ty Baron (guitar, keys) and Rodrigo Valdez (drums)

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Taymir – “Sometime” (The Hague, The Netherlands)

Taymir - SometimeTaymir were one of the bands that impressed us during SXSW back in March. We are happy to have them finally release a new track on Soundcloud since the festival . The young and emerging band have a knack for putting on energetic live shows and meshing sounds of early 60s rock with modern indie rock-pop similar to The Strokes. The results are vibrant tracks you can’t help but put on repeat.

Taymir also have a great video for the track on VEVO. The song has been released by Homebass Records. The band just commenced a tour, and you can find tour dates here.

Taymir are Bas Prins (vocals, keys); Mikkie B Wessels (guitars, vocals); Quinten Meiresonne (bass, vocals); and Isaï “Johnny Ray” Reiziger (drums).

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Vivid Dreams – “Alpha & Omega” (Brooklyn, USA)

Vivid Dreams - Alpha & OmegaWe don’t know too much about Vivid Dreams other than that they’re based out of Brooklyn, and the project is the brainchild of Nicholas Bush.

“Alpha & Omega” has a psychy, jangley vibe to it, even though the lyrical subject matter is anything short of sunny. With Alpha & Omega’s lyrics hinting towards paranoia and ‘terror in the rays’, it will be interesting to hear the rest of the EP.  Bush might have chosen the perfect band name, because maybe we will be taking a sonic journey with just that, Bush’s Vivid Dreams delivered to us track by track.

The single is from the band’s forthcoming EP Terror In The Rays. Release date still to be determined.

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