director: Cedric Kahn

Tuesday, December 8th, 7pm

Bytowne Cinema, 325 Rideau Street, Ottawa

Living off the grid sure sounds romantic, but unfortunately in real life, living off the land, romance is not top priority.

“Wild Life” traces a drastic family separation when the mother decides to escape a communal hippie culture she no longer believes in. Kids are involved, and it gets messy. Based on true events, this film tracks a decade long, on the lam odyssey that features a dedicated but devoted to his cause father, and his sons. Their’s is an idyllic, simple life, which grows ever so complicated as the boys grow into men, and their mother elevates her familial search.

As Paco, Matthieu Kassovitz delivers the right mix of fatherly love, staunch stubbornness, with just a hint of madness. There is little right in any of the events, especially the French justice system which seems geared toward creating animosity, instead of proper mediation. When confronted by the authorities, Paco retorts to charges of cult behaviour with, “If it’s a husband and wife and kids, then it’s not a cult. It’s a family.”

The film avoids taking sides, and leaves with a handful of thought-provoking questions. Be prepared for heated, post viewing discussions.


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