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The Matinee December 8


The Matinee December 8 spins six new tracks from artists in the UK, Canada, and the US. Hear a little alt-folk, indie-pop, indie-rock, and R&B today.

Bryde – “Wait” (Brixton, UK)

Bryde - WaitWe’ve witnessed the emergence of some great singer-songwriters over the year, but the best may have been indeed saved for last with the arrival of Brixton native Bryde. Her debut single, “Wait”, is – in a word – remarkable. With the haunting quality of Daughter, the soft edginess of TORRES and Lady Lamb, and the poignant intimacy of Sharon Van Etten, “Wait” will leave your heart in shambles but your head calling out for more. Truly amazing.

Bryde’s “Wait” will officially be released as a single on January 9th via Seahorse Music.

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The Fight – “Brooklyn” (Edmonton, Canada)

The Fight - BrooklynEdmonton’s The Fight are not your typical Western Canadian rock band. They’re not creating mainstream rock like Nickelback nor old-school rock ‘n roll the Sheepdogs are performing. Instead, this is a band that is influenced by some of the best indie-rock bands in the business. On “Brooklyn”, the obvious connection is with The National – from the emotional essence of the track to its slow-building climax. The song might even be an ode to The National, given the song’s title is in reference to the band’s current home.

“Brooklyn” is from the band’s debut EP, North America. Hear the album on SoundCloud or get it on iTunes (CAN | US).

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P’ARIS – “Focus” (Canada somewhere)

P'ARIS - FocusVery little is known about P’ARIS, although from what I can gather is that this electronic duo resides somewhere in Canada. They’ve developed a habit of teaming up with some of Canada’s underrated singers to create some terrific indie-pop and electro-pop songs. The latest s “Focus”, where they’ve engaged the services of Vancouver singer-songwriter Willa. The track sparkles with the brilliance and infectious qualities of ’80s pop – from the stuttering synths to the catchy, girl-next-door vocals of Willa. But beneath the sound is a story of life and death – more accurately, how people cope with the loss of a loved one.

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Patti Yang Group – “Invisible Tears” (London, UK via Mojave Desert, USA)

Patti Yang Group - Invisible TearsIf you’re still still creating your song of the year lists, then Patti Yang Group‘s latest single, “Invisible Tears”, must be given strong consideration. The strength of the song lies in the shifting melodies, where there are at least three. As a result, a number of emotions are evoked, but throughout the song your focus is transfixed on Patti Yang’s voice and the apocalyptic sound created by her “Group”. It’s a delirious adventure.

Speaking of delirious, her other recent single, “Anonymous Face”, is pretty far out.

“Invisible Tears” is the second single from Patti Yang Group’s upcoming album, War On Love. It’s due out April 2016.

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Sea Caves – “Spanning the River” (Portland, USA)

Sea Caves - Spanning the RiverPortland’s Sea Caves are putting a new spin on indie rock – make that orchestral rock. “Spanning the River”, which is the lead single from their debut album, Bright Forest, showcases the enchanting sounds of the band. It’s one part Iron & Wine and one part Fleet Foxes with a dashing of Sufjan Stevens all rolled into one stunning and alluring track. The inclusion of the flute gives the song a fairy tale-like feeling, as if one was following Pied Piper into the woods.

Bright Forest comes out February. Sea Caves are Shiloh Halsey (vocals/guitar/flute), Cameron Jones (vocals/drums), Brian Nelson (bass), and Seiji Nair (keys).

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thexperience – “Let You Grow” (Manchester, UK)

thexperience - let you growNow this is really cool. Manchester duo thexperience are newcomers that have received airplay on the BBC for the innovative approach that mixes electronic music with soul, R&B, and pop. “Let You Grow” is arguably the best track the young twosome have released. It’s haunting and chilling, yet has an ethereal quality to it. If Sam Smith released such a track, it would immediately reach #1 on the charts. For now, enjoy what Ewan and Kommy are putting together. It’s refreshing, creative, and stunning.

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