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The Matinee December 10


Nearly two more weeks until Christmas. If you’re getting nervous about battling the holiday crowds, let The Matinee December 10 edition – a.k.a. mini-playlist of great new music – ease your nerves. If I may say so myself, there are a lot of “Wow” moments below.

Eliza Shaddad – “Wars” (London, UK)


The first song on today’s Matinee has the “wow” factor. Released about a month ago, Eliza Shaddad‘s new single, “Wars”, is simply mesmerizing. Her soft and whispery has the stunning intimacy of Hope Sandoval and Mazzy Starr, yet the music behind her is gritty folk-rock a la Chelsea Wolfe and TORRES. The two perfectly describe the juxtaposition of the song – cathartic yet the track speaks of letting go of something or someone from the past and questioning one’s purpose and loyalties.

“Wars” is the lead single from Shaddad’s forthcoming EP, Run, which is due early 2016.

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Found – “A Souvenir For Every Hope You Had” (Glasgow, Scotland)

Found - A Souvenir For Every Hope You Had

If you’re a fan of ’80s and ’90s synth-pop that blazes with today’s anthemic pop, Found‘s single, “A Souvenir for Every Hope You Had” might be the song that has the “wow factor” for you. This euphoric, feel-good track buzzes with the cascading indie-pop of Phoenix yet channels the likes of New Order and Depeche Mode with its synth-pop textures. The song is awfully infectious, where you might find yourself humming the melody for hours.

“Souvenir For Every Hope You Had” is the lead and first track from FOUND’s second album, Cloning. It’s out now via Chemikal Underground. Get the LP at the label’s store, iTunes (US | CAN | UK), and Amazon (US | UK).

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George Cosby – “State Of Undress” (London, UK)

George Cosby - State Of Undress

George Cosby is quickly making a name for himself. With his powerful voice and combination of pop, soul, and R&B, he’ll soon be mentioned in the same breath as Sam Smith, if the comparisons haven’t already been made. He’s released a couple of stunning tracks over the past month, including the enthralling “State of Undress”. The song is one-part power love ballad and another part emotional pop-soul. Together, it makes for a remarkable number from an artist who could see his star explode in 2016.

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Spaceman – “Dead Baum” (Perth, Australia)

Spaceman - Dead Baum

What’s a playlist that is suppose to make you say “wow” without some far-out psychedelia? Perth quartet Spaceman is a band that goes well beyond the stratosphere to create their trippy sound. Their latest single, “Dead Baum”, is a combination of Pond’s wizardry and the varied sounds of Walter TV (who consist of members of Mac DeMarco’s backing band). In other words, if there was a track to describe what it feels to be in a time warp, this would be it.

I generally would share the names of the band members, but check out their Facebook page to see what their wacky pseudonyms are.

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Starling – “Cravin” (London, UK)

starling - Craving

Some artists’ names are puzzling but then there are those whose names perfectly describe the individual. London-based Starling, who first caught our attention in October with “Wild Heart”, fits the latter. She returns with the yearning and stunning “Cravin'”. As with her previous songs, Starling’s voice is the star, reverberating with the deep emotion that only one who is deeply in love could emote. While the world’s attention is fixated on Adele, Starling is one singer-songwriter who shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Swim – “Lying To You” (Malmö, Sweden)

Swim - Lying To You

“Lying To You”, the latest single by Swedish electro-pop duo Swim, may have you uttering “ooh” and “aah” moreso than “wow”. With soothing, hypnotic beats electronic beats provided by Carl and the lush, chilling vocals of Erika, the song, however, still fits under the category of mesmerizing. The combination fits the song’s meaning. As described by Erika:

“Lying To You is about love. It is actually about love when it is only existing in a galloping mind. How you’ve tried to love someone who can’t receive your love, and how it turns your love into nothing but lies.”

The track is the second single from the duo’s debut EP, Next To Me. It’s out now via With Love Recordings/HMWL.

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