Beth Ford

Born at the turn of the millennium, into a family whose singing roots blend English church choirs with harmonies from the Welsh Valleys, Beth really was the child who could sing before she could talk.

Beth’s voice is described as ‘beautiful’, ‘hypnotic’ and ‘mesmerising’ and she certainly brings an ethereal resonance to her cover of the vaudeville classic ‘I’m Always Chasing Rainbows’.

Here’s a linkto her song for you to enjoy while you find out a bit more about Beth:

Following concert appearances with local children’s choirs, a turning point came for Beth in December 2011 when, at the age of just eleven, she was invited to join tenor Alfie Boe on stage at Symphony Hall, Birmingham, to sing ‘The Impossible Dream’ to an audience of over 2000 people. Beth’s appearance at Symphony Hall inspired her to believe that her ‘impossible dream’ is within her grasp.

Earlier this year, Beth was recorded singing ‘Pie Jesu’ for her mother in an almost empty church. The video was placed on YouTube and picked up by the San Francisco Globe – sending it viral and making Beth an ‘internet sensation’ overnight.

More recently Beth has begun to explore her identity as a recording artist, choosing covers from her preferred repertoire. Her unreleased cover of the Judy Garland classic ‘I’m Always Chasing Rainbows’, has topped the charts twice, once in the influential ‘Hype Machine’ blogsite and then in an Australia radio chart.

You can catch up with Beth on her Facebook page or find her on Twitter at @BethFordMusic. You can get a free copy of the track from

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