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The Matinee December 16


Today we have an eclectic and international playlist to get you through the week. We have a mix of indie rock, synth pop, punk inspired rock and R&B. We have half coming from the US and the rest from Finland, Ireland and Lithuania.

Ivy Nations – “You Are The Centre Of Me” (Dublin, IRE)

Ivy Nations - "You Are The Centre Of Me"

We previously shared the debut track by Ivy Nations titled “The Mile Road”, and they are back with their next single titled “You Are The Centre of Me” which is an awesome blend of indie rock with 80s synth influences. The track is still as catchy as the previous, yet with a bit darker lyrical content. The band shares a bit about their newest single:

“It’s about control – a possessive relationship. One person yielding control over the other long after the relationship has ended. An addiction, that eventually paralyses both. The result, an inability to truly love another. An inability to forgive, to accept ones fate, that is, bound by fears, loss and anxiety. Lusting over the possessed partner. An unhealthy desire to be with them at any cost.”

Ivy Nations are Joe Kiernan (vocals), Darragh Faughey and Brian Sinnott (guitars), and Paul Donohoe (drums).

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Justus Proffit – “Saturday” (Los Angeles, CA, USA)


Justus Proffit toys with electronic sounds, dreamy melodies and harmonies to create the sonic background for this lyrically heavy album, Magic. “Saturday” is the latest track from his upcoming EP which will be out December 22, 2015.

The LA based artist is creating some awesome punk-inspired tracks. The fuzzy 90s vibes on “Saturday” immediately holds your attention and keeps you listening throughout. Magic will be available on Proffit’s bandcamp page and you can pre-order now.

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Lyel – “Raven” (Helsinki, Finland)


Lyel is an indie pop artist out of Helsinki Finland. Her debut single “Waterproof” came out earlier this year and had a great response. “Raven” is her follow up single and it showcases her strong vocals backed with hypnotic synth and beats.

We can definitely see this emerging pop star going far as she has all the ingredients to rise to the forefront of the indie synth-pop stage.

Lyel (aka Sarah) is originally from Germany but moved to Finland 7 years ago to pursue her dream of creating the music she wants to create.

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Rebecca Jade – “Weather The Storm” (San Diego, CA, USA)


After first listen of “Weather The Storm”, a female version of Leon Bridges came to mind. Rebecca Jade is from San Diego and she is emulating the emotional connection that soul music brings to the listener yet she keeps it fresh for today.

“Weather The Storm” is the first single from her upcoming record, A Shade of Jade. Keep an eye out for this artist. She has the potential to make waves as the timing is right for everyone to embrace the magic of soul, especially with recent grammy nods to artists like Lianne La Havas.

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Sisters On Wire – “Earth” (Vilnius, Lithuania)


Sisters on Wire is a trio from Lithuania and they are making some awesome indie rock with influences ranging from brit rock to arena rock. “Earth” is a great track that includes anthemic melodies along with unforgettable guitar riffs. We are definitely keeping our eye on Sisters On Wire. Their EP released earlier this year is definitely worth checking out and we look forward to hearing more new material from Sisters On Wire.

The trio is comprised of Oleg Jerochin (guitars, vox), Fil Gusev (guitars, lyrics) and Gintas Gascevicius (drums)

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The Wild Wild – “Caspian” (Santa Cruz, CA, USA)

The Wild Wild - Caspian

We are fans of The Wild Wild, aka Benjamin Dunn. The Santa Cruz based artist has just released “Caspian”. With Dunn’s airy vocals and a blend of 80s synth and beats, “Caspian” is another track that grabs grabs your attention and takes you to sonic heights that elicit a feel good vibe all around. We look forward to hearing The Wild Wild’s complete album within the next month.

“Caspian” is the second single from The Wild Wild’s forthcoming new album Into The Sea and Into The Stars. It drops January 22nd, 2016. We shared the lead single a month ago, which you can find here

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