When I first moved to Ottawa in the mid 1990s, Barrymore’s was the place for live music for all the hot new bands on the scene. I saw many bands inside that venerable club over the next decade; no band left a bigger impression on me than The Headstones as the energy of their performance had unmatched. I have seen The Headstones live more than any other band and about half of those performances were at Barrymore’s. Some of those performances would still rank among my all-time favourite, live-music experiences, although admittedly the details are starting to fade after twenty years.

A few years ago, Barrymore’s posted on their Facebook page that they were looking to start booking live acts again and asked for feedback. The fans did respond, and from what I could tell the number one choice for a band to bring in was The Headstones. It even coincided with their 2013 tour, but alas it never did materialize and The Headstones instead played a different club.

Fast forward a couple years and The Headstones returned to Ottawa for the third consecutive year (can I get a Hell Yeah!?) and this time someone made it happen. I don’t know exactly who is responsible for it but I would like to personally thank them. The Headstones’ triumphant return to Barrymore’s was all that we could have asked for. The band was on fire, the performance was electric and the music rocked!

I hope our photos can do a little justice to this event.

Photos by Darren Boucher & Dina MacLeod

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