director: Kent Jones     

opens: January 7th, ByTowne Cinema     

325 Rideau Street, Ottawa     

In 1963, during the frenzy stirred by “Psycho”, fresh French filmmaker Francois Truffaut interviewed Alfred Hitchcock in a series of interrogation style questions. The resulting book became an insider’s bible to movie making 101. It was long, dry, and very clinical.

Why the hell would anyone think this would make a watchable documentary? Well, thankfully Kent Jones did. Unearthing original audio tapes of the friendly interrogation shows the conversation to be a lively and thrilling one; something film nuts would eat up.

Adding complimentary commentary from the likes of Martin Scorsese, Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Wes Anderson, brings the whole event to a new level. This was a monumental meeting of two of the greatest directors of all time [one just starting out, one already peaked] dissecting the medium in a thrilling lesson format. All that, and revisiting some of celluloid’s greatest moments, makes this a class not to be skipped.


“I have a perfect cure for a sore throat: cut it.”
― Alfred Hitchcock



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