Yesterday, we shared 25 of our Most Anticipated Albums of 2016. Here’s the other 25. Some are merely speculative (and one would say wishful thinking), but many have been confirmed. The list also features some of the most influential and creative minds in music today. Others are making comebacks after a brief hiatus, which only heightens the anticipation. As always, the list is in alphabetical order.


Memoryhouse – Soft Hate (TBA)

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Why the anticipation? – Four years ago, Canadian dream-pop duo Memoryhouse were on track to be Canada’s next great music exports. They unexpectedly, however, went on hiatus. They’re now back and have released two terrific tracks which represent a more forward-looking, electro-pop sound, but will it see them get back on track to pop stardom?


Mothers – When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired (Grand Jury/Wichita, Feb. 26)

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Why the anticipation? – NPR, Stereogum, CMJ, and a host of music sites have annointed Mothers as one of 2016’s hot new artists with their mix of intimate alt-folk and searing folk-rock. Will their debut LP live up to the hype? Their first few singles definitely caught our attention.


My Morning Jacket – TBA

Why the anticipation? – During recording of The Waterfall, which was one of our favorite albums of the year and the band’s best record since the career-turning Z, My Morning Jacket recorded enough material for two records. While Jim James has attempted to curtail expectations of a new album this year, we’re keeping our hopes up. And if the new record builds on The Waterfall, we could possibly be talking about a career-defining record.


Phosphorescent – TBA

Why the anticipation? – The last studio album from Phosphorescent (the spellbinding 2013 release, Muchacho) was loved by many of us. Since singer Matthew Houck wrote Muchacho while touring in support of his previous album (2010’s Here’s To Taking It Easy), we’re hoping his muse rode shotgun while he toured extensively these last two years. He released a live album this time last year, so we are definitely overdue for new material. Is his confirmation at multiple summer festivals a strong indication that the album will be out this spring? Our fingers are crossed.


PJ Harvey – TBA

Why the anticipation?PJ Harvey is unquestionably one of the most influential singer-songwriters of the past 20 years. Her forthcoming new album was recorded live at London’s Somerset House and the “sneak peek” she shared offers a glimpse at something gritty and edgy à la Patti Smith.


Poliça – United Crushers (Memphis Industries, Mom+Pop, March 40

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Why the anticipation? – Their music at times reflects their hometown of Minneapolis – icy, chilling, and emotive – which has helped Poliça gain fans such as Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. Their long-awaited third album, United Crushers, arrives in two months, and if the first single, “Lime Habit”, offers any clues, it could see the quintet reinventing themselves in the mold of Massive Attack.


Rachael Sage – Choreographic (TBA)

Why the anticipation? Choreographic will be Rachael Sage‘s 12th studio album, a rare milestone for any artist to reach. It is inspired by her history with dance and movement, and it promises to showcase the connection between music and dance. Can we hope for some more collaborations with Dance Moms and the incredibly talented Maddie Ziegler?


Radiohead – TBA

Why the anticipation?Radiohead has been surprising us for years, from how they release their albums to the transcendent music they continue to make. What will the British legends have in store next?


Savages – Adore Life (Matador, January 22)

Why the anticipation? – Before bands like Viet Cong and Eagulls burst on the scene with their dark, cathartic rock, there was Savages. Their sophomore album, Adore Life, could once again see the London-based quartet transforms the indie-rock landscape once again.


School of Seven Bells – SVIIB (February 12)

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Why the anticipation?School of Seven Bells were one of the best bands in the world when they had to stop due to the illness of Benjamin Curtis. They released three really awesome records, which ranged from electronic to ethereal pop records. Sadly, Curtis passed away in 2013, but before his death he had worked with his bandmate Alejandra Deheza on new tracks for a new record they hoped to release when Curtis recovered. Deheza completed the album with the tracks Curtis recorded and that is what SVIIB will be. It is going to be an emotional, powerful record.


Shearwater – Jet Plane and Oxbow (Sub Pop, January 22)

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Why the anticipation? – Austin indie rock darlings Shearwater have turned up the volume on their ninth studio album. The ’80s-inspired, New Wave, protest vibe runs deep on this first single, so we are thrilled to hear more. Will the rest of the album have more echoes of the Peter Gabriel/David Bowie sound or will it feature gently haunting numbers like “Rooks” from their 2008 album?


Sigur Rós – TBA

Why the anticipation? – Fans of Sigur Rós have waited nearly three years for their next melodic fix of songs they can’t sing along to. So far, they haven’t released any firm news about a new album, choosing instead to announce a summer tour with new songs. Will their tour become a live album or will they be writing as they tour? Until the tour kicks off in June, we’ll keep ourselves blissfully distracted with their last album, 2013’s epic Kveikur.


Spiritualized – TBA

Why the anticipation? – It has been four years sense the legendary spacer rocker Jason Pierce released material with his band Spiritualized. The band’s last outing, Sweet Heart Sweet Light, was one of its strongest in over a decade. Will this output be on par with the last, or will it reach the quality level of the grandiose masterpiece of Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space? Even if it falls somewhere comfortably in-between, it should be a fine album.


Steve Gunn – TBA

Why the anticipation?Steve Gunn built a reputation as one of indie rock’s great guitarists, performing in Kurt Vile’s supporting band The Violators and M.C. Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger. In 2013, Gunn completed his transformation from side kick to frontman with his superb sophomore album, Way Out Weather, which was unquestionably one of the best albums of 2014. Will 2016 be the year when the rest of the world discovers Gunn’s greatness?


Strand of Oaks – TBA (Dead Oceans)

Why the anticipation? – The last Strand of Oaks album, the 2014 masterpiece, Heal, topped many Album of the Year lists, including ours. The ever-humble frontman Tim Showalter toured non-stop in 2015, but we’re already impatient to hear more. He’s teased fans recently with covers of My Morning Jacket, Smashing Pumpkins, and Ryan Adams, so hopefully he will reward his fans’ patience with new original music soon.


Sturgill Simpson – TBA

Why the anticipation?Sturgill Simpson! The Kentucky-born singer has been experiencing a huge increase in interest and popularity in the country world – some even call him the “Country Music Savior”.  The even more exceptional feat is that Simpson has done this independently and by virtually no radio play, highlighted by the mind blowing Metamodern Sounds in Country Music in 2014.  This New Year seems to be the making of another successful win, as he will be releasing another record – and one that is on a major record label. Not much else has been said about the new album, but this Country Music Savior should astound us once again.


Suede – Night Thoughts (Suede Ltd., January 22)

Why the anticipation?Suede helped shaped the emerging Brit-pop genre three decades ago. However, they’ve released only six albums in that time, so longtime fans were understandably thrilled to hear about the new album which is paired with a film DVD. If this first single is any indication, Suede will haunt our night thoughts throughout 2016.


Ty Segall – Emotional Mugger (Drag City, January 22)

Why the anticipation? – 2015 might have been the quietest year for Ty Segall. It wasn’t that he took a break; quite the oppose he was busy releasing a live album, an EP, and an album with Fuzz. But what people want is another LP, especially after Segall released arguably his masterpiece, 2014’s Manipulator.


Underworld – Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future (Caroline International, March 18)


Why the anticipation? – Electronic pioneers Underworld are back in 2016 with a long-awaited follow-up to their 2010 album, Barking. They played Primavera Festival in 2015 and are confirmed to play Coachella this year, so expectations are high. Will the seven tracks on the new album live up to the hype? We will find out when our six-year wait ends in March.


Vampire Weekend – TBA

Why the anticipation?Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig described the band’s first three albums as a trilogy. It was an extraordinary run of albums ending with the exceptional if slightly ridiculously title Modern Vampires of the City.  So will the fourth album be the beginning of something completely new or will it actually just be a continuation of their already established unique sound and voice indie rock?


Viet Cong (new name to come) – TBA

Why the anticipation?Viet Cong released not just one of 2015’s best albums but arguably the biggest statement with their self-titled debut. They’re finishing up a tour and will take a break, but they’ve reportedly worked on some new music. If there’s an album this year, will the Canadian quartet transform their sound to reflect its new name or continue to blow our minds with their cathartic post-punk?


Warpaint – TBA

Why the anticipation?Warpaint are one of the most well-rounded bands out there. Musically they do a bit of everything, a little psych, a little dream pop, but it comes together in an awesome, coherent package. The musical talent of Warpaint is also incredible, including Jenny Lee Lindberg who is considered one of the best bassists out there and whom also released a solo record in 2015. In what direction will Warpaint take us on album #3?


Wet – Don’t You (Columbia, Jan. 29)

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Why the anticipation? – When we started The Revue in 2013, two of us – Rich and Ben – attended a show in Brooklyn at Glasslands, where TORRES was the headliner. The opener was a little three-piece called Wet (about 500 followers on Facebook at the time), who we compared at the time to a crossover of The Eurythmics, Jessie Ware, and Cut Copy. In the 2+ years since, their popularity has soared as they strategically released singles and awesome remixes. Expectations, as such, are high for their debut LP, Don’t You.


Wild Nothing – Life Of Pause  (Captured Tracks / Bella Union, Feb. 19)

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Why the anticipation? – One of the most innovative forces in indie music returns after nearly a four-year layoff. Wild Nothing, the project headed by Jack Tatum, will finally drop album number three in five week’s time. From the first two singles, “To Know You” and “TV Queen”, Life Pause will be another gem in the Virgina band’s growing treasures.


The xx – TBA

Why the anticipation? – Through their first two albums, The xx have redefined how we hear and experience music, merging electronic music with dark, haunting, art-rock. It is music that is hypnotic, seductive, and alluring. Will they follow the blueprint of their past records or travel down the electronic path that Jamie xx paved in his debut solo album?

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